How to Keep Beads From Falling Out of The Slime

Wondering how to keep beads from falling out of the slime? This article can come in handy if you wish to know more about keeping the beads from falling off the slime!

Slime is available in a variety of forms. While most people are accustomed to a simple stretchy slime, there are many other things that you can add to slime to make it even more interesting to play with. These add-ins are added during the preparation phase and help enhance the sensory experience. Beads are a very common add-on in slimes. Foam beads, water beads, fishbowl beads crunchy beads are some types of beads added to slime for a slushie and vibrant effect. But adding beads requires extra care to prevent them from falling off. Learn how to keep beads from falling out of the slime in this article.

How to Keep Beads From Falling Out of The Slime

1. Water

Add a few drops of water to the slime recipe as it will bring a slight stickiness which keeps the beads in place. It is important not to add a large quantity of water, else it will become too sticky and might turn into a jiggly slime.

2. Lotion

Once you complete making the slime, pour a pea-size amount of lotion on it and start kneading. This will prevent the beads from detaching as it will increase the stickiness of the slime. As lotion will increase the stickiness, be mindful not to add too much as it will turn your slime sticky and runny.

3. Storage

Beads might fall off due to overactivation, making the slime incohesive with the beads. This might happen if you have added an activator such as borax solution, contact solution, liquid starch, or corn starch more than the required amount. Storing the slime for a few days can reduce the activation and help fix the slime itself.            

Crunchy Slime Recipe with Beads


  • Elmers glue                        
  • Liquid starch
  • Water
  • Foam beads


Take half a cup of Elmer’s glue in a bowl, preferably a glass or plastic bowl. Clear glue is better for this purpose as the beads are more clearly visible. Now add half a cup of water and mix well. Keep on stirring until you get a fine consistency.

After mixing, add around ¼ – ½ cup of liquid starch to it. Start with 1/4th quantity and add more if required during the kneading and mixing process. Add beads to this mixture. You might require a lot of beads depending on the quantity and for the actual texture to change. Continue kneading until you have achieved the desired consistency.

Care Routine for Slime with Beads

Slime with beads requires the same care as any other slime, except for the fact that the beads must not fall off. Whenever you notice the beads detaching from the slime, try any of the above tricks to keep the beads in place. Slime with beads brings an amazing sensory play session while also relieving stress the easy way. Follow the below tips to effectively care for your slime.

  • Always clean your hands before and after playing with the slime.
  • Everytime you take out the slime to play, make sure that you knead it first.
  • Store the slime in a cool, dry place away from any direct heat in an air tight container. This will prevent the slime from drying out, which eventually would lead the beads to fall off.
  • Reactivate your slime every few days to maintain the texture and consistency.

You can use the tricks mentioned above to have a nice crunchy slime. The shelf life of slime with beads can be a little less because of the lack of coherence and hence should be made in smaller quantities.


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