How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Vinegar At Home

Quite often we feel the urge to clean our glass pipes but don’t know how to. Clean a glass pipe with vinegar, yes you heard it right!

How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Vinegar1

What is a Glass Pipe

Even though the exact origin of a glass pipe is unknown, its use and popularity are well-known among crowds. The glass pipe was introduced as an evolved form of a smoking pipe. The pipes witnessed a drastic transformation from corn-cobb bases to metal and then finally glass. Glass pipes are popular as they can withstand high temperatures, primarily when pipes are used for more exotic substances than tobacco. Initially, glass pipes were an attractive addition for smokers; however, it was later realized that glass pipes are also ideal for getting a pure and clean flavor. Learn how to clean a glass pipe with vinegar in this article.

How to Clean Glass Pipes with Vinegar

There are a few issues you can come across when cleaning a glass pipe. However, you should still clean your pipe regularly for a good smoke. There is a simple kitchen ingredient that can help you clean glass pipes easily, which is vinegar.
Rubbing alcohol is also an excellent way to rub your pipe clean at home, but it is not for everyone. Also, vinegar can help you reach and clean hard-to-reach spots or corners as well. In addition to that, the cleaning solution made with vinegar is safe and readily available. Glass pipes can be cleaned with a few simple steps- soak, rinse, and scrub! Let’s learn all about them here:

Step 1- Remove Excess Ash or Deposits

The first step in cleaning any pipe is to remove any excess gunk or deposits. So, take a clean earbud or cotton swab to remove any excess deposits and ash in the glass pipe. Make sure to clean as much ash or dirt as you can, it makes the coming steps easier.

Step 2- Make a Vinegar and Baking Soda Soak

Next, mix three tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of white vinegar and pour the solution into a zip-lock bag. Drop the glass pipe in the bag and seal the bag. Make sure that your pipe is fully submerged in the solution.
Now let the pipe sit in the solution for an hour or two. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer; therefore, it effectively removes any odor from the pipe along with the wax and resin deposits. Besides, the frizzy action and properties of the cleaning solution produce carbon dioxide, which cuts through the grease in the pipes. The mixture is also slightly abrasive in nature, which helps in removing the most challenging deposits from all the unreachable corners of the pipe.

Step 3- Hot Rinse

Take out the solution from the zip lock bag and transfer it into a pot and let it boil on medium heat. Next, remove this water from the heat and submerge the pipe in it. Let the pipe sit in this water for about twenty minutes. Use mitts to check the pipe since it will be scalding, however, do not dip the pipe in cold water immediately as it could lead the pipe to crack or shatter.

Step 4- Scrub

If you have a small cleaning brush, use that to scrub off the grease that would have become loose on the surface due to the cleaning solution.

Step 5- Rinse and Clean Again

Finally, rinse the pipe properly with plain water once the pipe reaches room temperature. Use cotton swabs or buds to clean off any water stains.

Why Vinegar Works?

How to Clean a Glass Pipe with Vinegar2
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Let’s understand the science behind this cleaning process and why vinegar works well in cleaning glass pipes. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar found in your home is acidic in nature. This property helps cut through the grease clogging and staining from your pipes, saving your scrubbing effort. You can also add a bit of lemon juice to the cleaning solution as it can help remove the strong scent of vinegar after cleaning.

Benefits of Using Vinegar to Clean Glass Pipes

  • It is inexpensive.
  • Is safe to use around pets and kids.
  • Doesn’t have any chemicals.
  • Easily found at home.
  • Does not have any artificial scents or perfume you might be allergic to.

Now that you know how to clean a glass pipe with vinegar, take care of your glass pipe to enjoy your tobacco. Make sure you clean your pipe at least once a week to keep it in the best condition.


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