How to Get Dried Slime Out of a Stuffed Animal

Learn how to get dried slime out of a stuffed animal and how to restore dry slime into the perfect texture in this article.

How to Get Dried Slime Out of a Stuffed Animal1

Making and playing with slime is a super-fun time-pass for both adults and kids. However, this playtime can quickly go wrong if your kids spill the slime on their soft toys. Not only can it damage the fuzz or fur of the soft toy, but it is also challenging to get rid of. So, if you don’t want to throw away your favorite stuff toy, read on to learn the reasons behind the slime drying out and how to get dried slime out of a stuffed animal.

Reason for the Slime to Dry Out

Prolong exposure to air is one of the most common reasons for slime to dry out. This exposure extracts the moisture from the slime and leaves it dry and rubbery. If you spill slime on a stuffed animal and forget about it for some time, the slime will harden and can destroy the fur of the toy. Another reason for the slime to dry out early can be the proportion of ingredients that you use while preparing the slime. If your slime has more activator in its recipe, it will either be a rubbery slime in the first place, or it will dry out quickly. Know more about fixing your hard slime here. 

How to Get Dried Slime Out of a Stuffed Animal

  • Step 1: Some people suggest putting the stuffed toy in the freezer for a few hours; however, if you feel that could spoil your expensive stuff toy, you can use an ice cube and rub it over the hardened slime. The freezing air solidifies the slime and then you can simply scoop out the slime from the stuffed toy. Once the slime has hardened, you can scrape off the slime with the help of a spoon or a fork. Then, gently pull out the loose parts and throw them away in a bag.
  • Step 2: Next, vacuum the slime particles from the stuffed toy. Make sure you use a hand vacuum and set the suction power to less.
  • Step 3: After that, take some rubbing alcohol and gently start rubbing on the stained areas. Once you soak the area with rubbing alcohol, take a clean cloth, and start blotting the area.
  • Step 4: If there is any residue left still, moisten a clean cloth, put a few drops of dish soap on the towel, and wring it out. Then, gently rub this on the stained area in a circular motion.
  • Step 5: Wash the stuffed animal on delicate mode, separate from other laundry items, or handwash them. Otherwise, you can give them to a professional dry cleaner as well.\Your stuff toys will be as good as new.

If your slime often turns out hard and rubber, check out these tips and hacks to restore their moisture and texture. Always store your slime the proper way to avoid its hardening and change in its texture. If you or your kids are often careless and spill the slime on different surfaces, don’t worry, you can easily remove slime from carpetsblanketscar seats, and clothes

How to Store Slime

How to Get Dried Slime Out of a Stuffed Animal2

You can save your slime from drying out. Proper storage can prolong your slime’s life. Go through the following trick to save your slime from drying out.  

1. Use a Resealable Bag or Zip lock bag

Store your slime to the ziplock bag and remove any excess air in the bag before sealing it. Then, store this sealed bag in the refrigerator when not in use. The vacuum created in the bag helps retain the moisture of the slime. 

2. Store Slime in an Airtight Container

Slimes in an airtight container will preserve the moisture of the slime, keeping it stretchy and super-fun! Make sure you place this container in the refrigerator to avoid the issue of molding.

3. Store Slime Away From Direct Sunlight

Exposure to excess heat and sunlight for a long time can also make your slime hard or cause it to melt. So, store it in a corner that is away from direct sunlight or any heat source. 

Pro Tip: Washing your hands before playing with slime and playing with it on a clean surface can prolong your slime’s life and prevents molding for some time as well. However, as a general practice, you should remove the old slime and replace it with a new batch in twenty days or at the first sign of mold on the slime.


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