31 DIY Driftwood Projects | Easy DIY Driftwood Art and Craft Ideas

Thirty-Two DIY driftwood art projects that are easy to create, inexpensive, and unlike each other!

1. Sign Board

Use wood glue to secure driftwood pieces to a board that you can either spell into a word or keep it a design. The inspirational post is available at Beyond The Picket Fence.

2. Driftwood Mirror

Create a charming and whimsical mirror for yourself using driftwood pieces and other supplies. The full-fledged article is here.

3. Candle Holder

How about alluring your home decoration with this quick and easy coastal candle holder idea? Collect driftwood pieces and follow here.

4. DIY Candle Holder

After the above exotic candle holder DIY, try this basic candle project using driftwood. Visit It’s Overflowing to know more!

5. Jewelry Holder

Design a jewelry holder out of driftwood piece to keep your jewelry handy and in place! Get a drill and driftwood to complete this project.

6. Driftwood Candelabra

After completing this project, you’ll never think of buying those commercial candelabras. This becomes utterly attractive if you add succulents or other decorative things.

7. Driftwood Workout Tracker

Create a workout tracker disguised as a decorative article for those who don’t know its purpose! Follow this unique idea here by Free People.

8. Driftwood Star Decoration

Create a star sign for your porch or room decoration, it’s perfect for Christmas decor though! Learn the steps at DIY Network.

9. DIY Driftwood Frame

Capture your memories from summer in a simple and rustic way with this easy driftwood frame idea. The tutorial is here.

10. Driftwood Terrarium

Walls look great when decorated with some elegant and exceptional craft articles! One such decoration can be this terrarium created out of driftwood, air plants, twine, and hardware. Get the inspiration here.

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11. Driftwood Wall Hanger

A cheap and inexpensive hanger for almost everything you need to hang! Use it as a cloth hanger, a jewelry holder, or coat hanger! Follow the steps here.

12. Driftwood Centerpiece

Make a centerpiece out of driftwood, flowers, and testing tubes. Unique! Follow here.

13. Driftwood Windchimes

Collect or buy seashells and driftwood to craft this amazing beachy windchime for your house! They make an interesting sound when they hit each other! Love the idea? Get inspired here.

14. Driftwood Beach Sign

Transform simple driftwood pieces into a beach style wreath, you’ll like this if you love to spend time on the beach more often! The article is here for your inspiration.

15. Make your own Driftwood

Don’t have time to go to the beach and collect driftwood pieces? Well, collect tree branches rather and learn to turn them into driftwood here.

16. DIY Driftwood

Here’s another tutorial on how you can turn dry sticks and logs into homemade driftwood pieces easily!

17. DIY Driftwood Orb

Build a spherical orb to decorate your home with something unique yet creative! Check out the tutorial at Made In A Day.

18. Driftwood Pot

Recycle a large yogurt pot to create a driftwood pot to showcase your creativity as your centerpiece! Look for the instructions here.

19. Driftwood Wall Garden

Find the right shape of driftwood and display a walled garden. Add a touch of green to your room with this tutorial.

20. DIY Driftwood Planter

Growing plants in a driftwood piece is a nice idea to tribute nature with something unique yet basic. Learn more here.

21. Tabletop Driftwood Lamp

Decorative articles made out of driftwood are surely one of the most interesting ways to flaunt your crafting skills! To make this table lamp, follow this article.

22. DIY Candle Holder

Yet another candle holder DIY for you to follow. Again, it’s a basic and easy project to complete.

23. Driftwood Seahorse

Use driftwood pieces to craft different creatures for home decor purpose. Create a seahorse with this easy tutorial.

24. Place Mat

This tutorial available at Blah Blah Magazine directs you to make a placemat for yourself using driftwood and twine.

25. Noughts and Crosses

Involve your children in this fun activity of making a playful item using the pebbles, twine, and driftwood, of course! Visit Thinly Spread to know the instructions.

26. Driftwood Fish Craft

If you love fishes yet you are far away from any beach or ocean, you’ll definitely love this craft. The instructions are here.

27. Candleholders and Plant holders

One of the best and easy DIY driftwood projects is making holders by combining containers and driftwood. You can get the directions at DIY Driftwood.

28. Driftwood Flower Vase

This one DIY is similar to the above project where you combine testing tubes and driftwood to create an interesting centerpiece. View the tutorial here.

29. Succulent Planter

Choose your favorite succulents and a long piece of driftwood to recreate this beautiful project. Check this link for directions.

30. Driftwood Birdhouse

How about displaying an eerie yet practical birdhouse in your garden? If interested, check this tutorial by DIY Network.

31. Driftwood Sailboat Ornaments

A sailboat ornament out of driftwood would be the perfect choice if you are searching for something unique and appealing! Go nautical in your decoration!



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