Can Pepsi Clean A Toilet | Pepsi Used To Clean Toilets

Learn through this easy lifehack article that how Can Pepsi Clean A Toilet bowl just as a coke does!


Apart from being just a soft drink, Pepsi has a wide range of uses, especially for cleaning purposes. For a change, stop spending on expensive toilet bowl cleaners and try using Pepsi for once. The mild acid present in Pepsi makes it useful for eliminating germs, dirt or other sorts of unhygienic elements. Therefore it becomes useful in commode-cleaning purpose. You might be wondering does Pepsi clean toilet like coke? Yes, Pepsi does clean toilet like coke as both of them are merely the same.

Pepsi works as a cleaner because of the composition of gentle carbonic and phosphoric acid in it. These chemical are not the flavors used in the drink, which means you can even use soda or diet coke to replace Pepsi. You’ll be amazed at how can Pepsi clean a toilet bowl in a matter of minutes without costing you much. Follow the DIY below to start your commode cleaning process today!

You Need

  1. Pepsi – 1-2 Glass
  2. Cleaning Brush


  1. Fill up a glass or medium sized cup with Pepsi. You can either heat it up in the oven or use it as is. Remember that chemical reactions work more quickly at a higher temperature. Use cautious measure while handling the hot Pepsi.
  2. Pour the Pepsi into the bowl so that the soda touches each stain. Eventually, it will appear that Pepsi will wash to the bottom but anyhow a thin layer of Pepsi will remain on the stains.
  3. Let it sit in the bowl for 30 minutes approx. The longer you leave it in the bowl, the better the Pepsi can clean a toilet. If you don’t have patience, then try the overnight method. Leave the Pepsi to sit in the bowl for overnight.
  4. After letting it sit for some time, just flush the system and you are good to go. If you see any stubborn stain to be still there, just use a cleaning brush to try to remove it.
  5. If after using a brush you still see the stains then you may repeat the whole process again. Repeat the steps until you are happy with the results!


  • Pepsi may not work for stains of oil, fat or grease.
  • At times, Pepsi isn’t great at killing certain bacterias. The sugar chemical in the soda may feed some bacterias. So it is advised to use alcohol-based sanitizer after doing the whole process.
  • Pepsi won’t help in removing stains like ink, dyes or pigments so try rubbing alcohol over the stains.

If you are keen enough to know about other cleaning hacks that you can use Pepsi for, pay a visit here.



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