Follow this article to know about 8 Uses For Pepsi that can make your life easier!

Uses For Pepsi

Pepsi is a famous soft drink, which was created in 1893. While it was originally named as Pepsi-cola, its name was changed to Pepsi in 1961. Apart from being just a drink, there are many unknown Uses For Pepsi that are still unknown to people. It works very well to solve many of your problems related to cleaning mainly. Due to a similarity in the ingredients of coke and Pepsi, they almost work the same. If you wish to find out about 17 unusual uses for coca-cola, visit here. Keep reading this article to explore some of the many Uses For Pepsi.

1. Clean Old Coins

Cleaning With Pepsi

Want to get back the original shine of your old coins? There’s an easy and inexpensive way to it. Just pour some Pepsi in a bowl and put your coins into the same bowl. Leave the coins to react with Pepsi overnight and rub them with a wet cloth the next morning. Your coins will start to shine like new!

2. Clean Jewelry

Follow the same process as in the case of cleaning coins or removing rust to clean your jewelry. Please remember that this may harm your precious jewelry.

3. Rust Removal

Uses For Pepsi

The presence of citric acids in Pepsi can help you in removing rust from your nuts and bolts or other hardware. All you got to do is put the nuts or bolts in a bowl full of Pepsi and leave overnight. The next morning you can use any brush to clean off any stubborn rust and rinse with water.

4. Clean Floor

There are many cleaning with Pepsi hacks that you can try at your home. One such hack is to clean your floor tiles using Pepsi. Just cover the tiles with a can of Pepsi and leave for a few minutes. Then clean the tiles, as usual, to make them look like new.

5. Clean Toilet

Cleaning With Pepsi

For this, remove as much water as you can from your toilet bowl and add 2 liters of Pepsi to the bowl. Leave the bowl untouched for 2 hours and then clean it with a brush and flush it off. Nowadays the number of Pepsi Used To Clean Toilets are increasing due to the effective result that it gives.

6. Clean Electric Kettle

To remove all patches from your electric kettle, fill it with Pepsi and bring it to boil. After it gets boiled up, remove the Pepsi and clean it with warm water.

7. Clean Oven Tray

Uses For Pepsi

Pour a can of Pepsi in your oven tray and let it sit for 24 hours and then rub it clean with a cloth and water.

8. Remove Corrosion

To get rid of corrosion and grime from any surface, just pour a good amount of Pepsi over it. After you see some bubbles forming just wipe the surface with a cloth and you are good to go!


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