What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End

Are you wondering what do you wipe gel nails with at the end to make them look perfect and glossy? Read all about gel-nail extensions’ right here.

What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End1

Chip-free, resilient, and beautiful to look at, gel nails are a perfect solution for women who don’t have time to take care of their nails. Unlike the steadily chipping nail paint, gel nail paints stay longer with not much maintenance. However, if you don’t maintain them at all, they might chip as any other nail paint would. With gel nail paints, you can try any color and any style on your nails without worrying about the steadiness. Yet, simply applying the nail paint is not enough. You have to properly finish the application and maintain the nails for longer shelf life. Many people often wonder as to what do you wipe gel nails with at the end? Know more about gel nails and the final coat that gives it the perfect finish!

Why do We Need Gel Nail Extensions or Gel Nail Paints?

What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End2

Long and painted nails increase the beauty of your hand. However, not everyone is blessed with strong nails, nor can one be always ready for a sudden occasion. For such days and events, gel nail extensions can be an ideal solution. They can support you with flawless nails during back-to-back occasions, long holidays, and professional meets.

What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End

After finishing the coats of gel paint at home or a gel extension at a salon, you might have noticed a tacky layer of color and residue left on the base of the nails. Apart from looking cheap, the layer gives an unfinished look to your nails. Besides, when this layer comes in contact with a surface, it can ruin the finish of your nail paint. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is the most commonly used product to give a finishing touch to gel-nail paints. If you don’t wish to get a bottle of rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes are readily available in the market as well. In case you don’t have access to isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes, you can always use non-acetone polish remover. The product doesn’t damage the gel polish and has the same effect as alcohol. However, you should use it in small quantities only. In addition to a flawless look for your hands, gel nails discourage nail-biting habits as well.

What Do You Wipe Gels Nails With At The End?

What Do You Wipe Gel Nails With At The End3

When it is finally time to remove the gel nail paint, you should know the right products and methods to do it with efficiency. To remove the nail polish, follow these steps.

  1. In a small bowl, add 100% acetone nail polish remover. Now, soak your finger-tips in the container.
  2. When the gel nail paint becomes sticky, use a metal cuticle pusher to lift the paint from the corner and peel off the nail paint gently. However, if the nail paint is still hard, soak your nails for a while longer.
  3. Once the nail/nail polish is off, clean the base of the nail with a cotton ball and a nail paint remover. This step helps you get rid of any lingering polish on the nails.
  4. Let the nails dry before lightly buffing them to remove the residue of the nail paint or any rough patches.
  5. After the process is complete, wash your hands thoroughly and moisturize your hands.

In the end, it is very important to wipe your nails with a cotton swab dipped in castor oil to promote healthy growth and maintenance of your nails, as gel manicures and nail paints tend to weaken your nail base.

Tips for the Perfect Application of the Gel Nail Paint

Remember to apply thin coats of nail polish. Start with a thin base coat and add more thin layers of coats till you get the desired shade. Applying thick coats of nail paints reduces their longevity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a mini gel-polish manicure kit today!


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