5 Benefits of Goat’s Milk Lotion on the Skin

A skincare secret, goat’s milk is picking up in popularity for skincare regimes! Know the benefits of goat’s milk lotion on the skin in this article.

Benefits of Goat's Milk Lotion on the Skin1

Finally, making an appearance in mainstream products, goat’s milk is a miracle in a bottle for all your skin woes. Before we delve into goat milk lotion’s skincare regime and recipe, let’s take a look at the benefits of this natural ingredient for the skin.

Benefits of goat milk lotion

1. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The fat protein content in goat’s milk adds anti-inflammatory properties to the lotion. In addition to adding a soft touch to your skin, the lotion helps in soothing irritated patches and heals damaged skin.

2. Rich source of Vitamins and Minerals

Apart from various minerals, goat’s milk is a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E. Also, selenium present in goat milk lotion helps prevent skin damage from the sun.

3. Has Anti-Aging Properties

Benefits of Goat's Milk Lotion on the Skin2

The rejuvenating properties of goat’s milk make the lotion an ideal addition to your skincare regime. The milk and lotion is a rich source of caprylic acid, lactic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acid. These components help the lotion to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. In addition to that, the alpha-hydroxy acid helps remove dead skin. These properties help you get healthier, brighter complexion.

4. Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Gentle yet effective in nature, goat milk lotion not only combat and soothes dry skin, but it also treats sensitive skin issues like psoriasis and eczema.

5. Effective in Acne Treatment

Benefits of Goat's Milk Lotion on the Skin3

The pH level of goat milk lotion is similar to your skin, therefore the topical application of goat milk lotion helps balance the pH levels of the skin for a healthier texture. Also, the lotion helps kill bacteria that cause acne and blemishes.

DIY Goat Milk Lotion Recipe

Benefits of Goat's Milk Lotion on the Skin4

To reap the benefits of goat’s milk lotion on the skin, DIY this easy lotion recipe with all-natural ingredients!

You’ll need:

  • One cup of distilled water
  • One cup of pasteurized goat milk
  • Two tablespoons of shea butter
  • Five tablespoons of jojoba oil
  • Two tablespoons of emulsifying wax
  • One tablespoon of stearic acid
  • One teaspoon of Phenonip
  • Three drops of lavender essential oil


  1. Disinfect all utensils and bowls you are going to use to make this lotion.
  2. After the cleaning is done, weigh your products and keep them in the clean, sanitized containers.
  3. Now, with a double boiler method, melt, and mix the sweet almond oil, stearic acid, shea butter, and emulsifying wax. After the mix has melted, remove it from the heat.
  4. Heat up the distilled water and goat milk mix and keep on side.
  5. With an electric hand blender, start blending the oils mix, slowly adding the warm milk and water mix.
  6. Once the mix has emulsified and cooled down, mix the phenonip and the lavender essential oil to the mix. After adding the finishing ingredients, blend well again to desired consistency.

Precautions to keep in mind when making and using goat milk lotion

It is important to know that any milk-based product tends to have growth of mold, bacteria, and fungus on it. Therefore, the shelf life of milk-based products is not more than two weeks. Also, the product should be refrigerated for storage.

This non-greasy lotion is an excellent addition to your skincare regime! So, apply this miracle moisturizer today!


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