6 DIY Socket Organizer Ideas

Never lose your sockets again with these clever and easy-to-do Socket Organizer Ideas! Here are the top picks that you must try!

Whether you have a few sockets or a complete set, these organizer ideas are the perfect solution to tackle your disorganized sockets in the workshop or garage. They are easy to assemble and inexpensive, too.

Socket Organizer Ideas

1. Custom 45° Socket Organizer

Socket Organizer Ideas 1

Learn how to make an inexpensive socket organizer for the drawer with plywood, earth magnets, a table saw, and this tutorial. This custom solution is easy to make and makes the sockets readily accessible.

2. DIY Socket Organizer

Socket Organizer Ideas 2

Stop wasting your time finding the right socket in a drawer full of random metric and standard sockets with this handmade organizer. Get the complete how-to instructions in this helpful article.

3. DIY Wooden Socket Case

DIY Wooden Socket Case

Want an aesthetic-looking wooden case for carrying sockets when going for a job or just to some other place to work? Check out this video tutorial where the crafter builds a sturdy socket case with white birch wood and some tools.

4. Simple Socket Tray

Simple Socket Tray

This YouTube video tutorial shows how to make a socket tray using dowel rods and a piece of scrap plywood. Anyone with basic woodworking skills can complete this socket organizer in a jiffy.

5. DIY Wood and Magnet Socket Holder

DIY Wood and Magnet Socket Holder

Are you tired of searching sockets in the cluttered toolboxes or drawers? Fix this issue by making a magnetic wooden socket holder that keeps them in order. You can also etch the socket size on this holder.

6. DIY Impact Socket Organizer

DIY Impact Socket Organizer

If you’re looking for a custom organizer that can easily hold and manage the impact socket set on the workbench pegboard, you’re in for a treat. Make one for your workshop or garage using this helpful tutorial.


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