Never lose your sockets again with these DIY socket organizer ideas! Most of these ideas are easy to do but require a bit of DIYing skills.

1. Custom Socket Organizer

Custom Socket Organizer

Keep handmade socket holders upright and intact by adding rare earth magnets to the base. Get the details in this DIY.

2. DIY Socket Organizer

DIY Socket Organizer

Complete with metric detailing, this wooden organizer has a design that makes it fit for drawer storage as well as wall display. Here’s the DIY.

3. DIY Wooden Homemade DIY Socket Organizer

Socket Organizer Ideas 3

This affordable wooden organizer lets you arrange the sizes of sockets that you need the most. Get the details here.

4. Easy Socket Organizer

Socket Organizer Ideas 4

Squinting your eyes to clearly read the size etchings on each socket is never feasible. Instead, use this hack to label them boldly for easy identification.

5. Simple Wooden Socket Organizers DIY

Simple Wooden Socket Organizers DIY

This DIY organizer is made to incorporate 2×6 dowels on a lumber canvas. It’s perfect for accommodating the most common sizes of drives.

6. Make Your Own Socket Organizer Trays for $3.00

This low-cost DIY makes it easy to create a hardware organizer fit for wall-mounted storage as well. Check out the YouTube tutorial to make this DIY.

7. Metal – Socket Organizer Ideas

Make a metal socket organizer to keep your sockets stored for prolonged periods of time. Here’s the DIY.

8. Harbor Freight Socket Organizer

Having a neat row of socket rails with clear size representations and that is easy to fit inside your drawer is a must for every DIYer.

9. Wall Socket Organizer

This genius toolbox organizer is wall-mounted for quick access. It also blends well with the typical utilitarian look of a garage. Check the video above to make it.

10. DIY Socket Organizer Trumpet Concerto

Boring holes on a block wood is all you need to do to achieve the easy organization of your sockets. Here’s the full DIY.

10. Wall-Mounted Socket Organizer

Wall Mounted Socket

Made from embedding plastic socket trails on a block of lumber, this wall-mounted socket organizer is remarkably easy to create for beginners as well. Check the tutorial here.


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