Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold | Practical Coca-Cola Uses

Is Coca-Cola the mold’s unexpected kryptonite? Can Coca-cola clean mold with its carbonated might? Find out the answer!

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Today, thirst-quenching, popular beverages are in trend but for various other purposes than satisfying thirst. Their applications have spread widely from cleaning rust stains to tenderizing steaks, especially, coca-cola. The drink is widely used today to clean molds and mildews from clothes and other popular DIY hacks. But before discussing more uses, let’s find out the answer to the question- can coca-cola clean mold? Unlock the cleaning potential of Coca-Cola: A soda that refreshes more than just your taste buds!

Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold

While Coca-Cola is not a scientifically proven method for killing mold, some people may use it as a home remedy due to its acidity and carbonation. Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, which has mild cleaning properties and can help break down certain substances.

Coca Cola is among carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages, which contains high quantities of carbon dioxide. This property makes it hard for any organism to survive and grow in it. In addition to that, the low levels of pH in the carbonated drink are believed to help kill molds and other types of organisms, like yeasts and bacteria. 

The belief that Coca-Cola can kill mold may stem from anecdotal experiences or the perception that its acidity can help dissolve or remove mold stains. Additionally, the carbonation in Coca-Cola could provide some agitation or mechanical action when scrubbing surfaces.

However, it’s important to note that Coca-Cola is not specifically formulated or tested for mold removal. Mold growth is a complex issue that requires addressing the underlying cause and using appropriate mold remediation methods.

If you’re dealing with a mold problem, it is generally recommended to follow established mold remediation guidelines, which typically involve using specific cleaning agents designed for mold removal, proper protective gear, and addressing any moisture issues to prevent future mold growth.

How to Use Coca-Cola for Killing Mold

While Coca-Cola is not a recommended method for mold removal, if you still wish to try it, here’s a general outline of how it could be used:

  • Pour a can of Coke on the area you want to clean. Alternatively, it would help if you use a towel and soak it in the Coke on the affected area.
  • After that, let it sit on it for a few hours, and then scrub off the mold and coke residue with a brush. Now, wipe off the surface with rubbing alcohol to clean off any stains or sticky residue left behind. 
  • Depending on the extent of the accumulated and formed mold, you may need to repeat the process.

While Coca-Cola is not a recommended method for mold removal, if you still wish to try it, here’s a general outline of how it could be used:

Cleaning of Mold and Mildews from Clothes 

Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold2

Putting Coca-Cola in the washing machine never seems a good idea. However, if you mix it with your regular laundry detergent, the beverage helps remove mildew and mold from your clothes. The beverage’s carbon-based combination is perfect for dealing with mold and stubborn grease stains as well. You can also dip your clothes in Coca-cola for twenty minutes before washing them if you don’t want to put the beverage in your washing machine. 

Other Cleaning Hacks with Coca Cola

1. Jewelry/Coin Cleaner

Add a can of coca-cola in a saucepan and put it to boil on medium heat. Once it starts bubbling, add your jewelry in it and wait for 3-5 minutes. The caustic properties of coca-cola allow it to eat away the stains from your jewelry and leave it shining like before.

2. Acts as an Ultimate Rust Remover

Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold3

Coca-cola is also an effective rust remover or rust-buster, as it has citric acids in its composition. You can soak old and rusty items in a container filled with coca-cola for about 24hours. After that, remove the particular item and rinse it thoroughly with water to wash off the sticky residue and rust on it. The composition of the drink helps in breaking down the rust particles, making the cleaning process easy. 

3. Removes Bad Odor from Clothes

If your clothes smell bad and you are worried about the lingering odor, try this simple DIY hack with coca-cola. Add a cup of coca-cola to your regular detergent for washing clothes. The beverage breaks down and neutralizes odors.

So, try this unusual savior for your DIY hacks and remove mold and mildew from your clothes and other surfaces. 

4. Burnt Pots

If you accidentally burn your pan or cooking pots, coca-cola can be the savior you are looking for. Pour coca-cola in the pot and make sure that the burnt part is submerged in coca-cola completely. Let it sit overnight and then strain the liquid the following day and scrub clean the pot.

5. Marker Stains

Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold

To remove permanent marker stains from your whiteboard, use coca-cola. Soak a cloth in coca-cola and place it on your whiteboard. Leave it for an hour or so before wiping with a wet cloth. Keep in mind that it might not clean it completely for the first time, so you should do it a couple of times before giving up.

6. Stinky Slacks

Add a can of coca-cola with your detergent in the washing machine to wash your clothes that have a bad smell. The coke will neutralize the odor and get rid of the stinky smell.

7. Grout

Grout is used to fill the gaps between tiles and hold them together. Over time, the grout gets filled up with dirt, grime, or grease, which is hard to clean. But with coca-cola, it has become a lot easier and quicker to clean the grout. Pour a sufficient amount of coca-cola on the grout and wait for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a scrubber or a clean cloth.

8. Cloth Stains

Cloth Stains

The carbonic and phosphoric contents of coca-cola make it effective in cleaning hard stains, and even bloodstains according to LifeHacker. Add it to your normal wash cycle with your detergent and see the magic happen! If the stain is still not gone, scrub it with coca-cola and then wash it with warm water.

9. Clean Windows

As said earlier, coca-cola is a great choice to get rid of stains quickly because of its carbonic properties. Therefore, it is also useful in cleaning windows and other glass surfaces. Instead of using water or glass cleaner, you can use coca-cola to restore any windows’ original shine!

10. Cleaning toilet with Coke

Empty a 2 L bottle of coca-cola into the toilet bowl and let it sit for at least an hour. Now, use a toilet brush to scrub the stains and flush the toilet. You might want to repeat the process once or twice to get better results.

11. Gum from Hair

Can Coca-Cola Clean Mold2

Soak the part of your hair with gum in chilled coca-cola and let it sit for 3-4 minutes. Now, try to pull out the gum from your hair. Chances are that this should definitely work because the chilled coca-cola will harden the gum and reduce its stickiness. If it doesn’t help, freeze coca cola ice cubes and rub it on the problematic area.

12. Cleans Clogged Drains

Coca-cola acts as an excellent way to fix the problem of clogged drains in no time. The acidic nature of the beverage cleans grime and prevents clogged drains. 

13. Concrete Driveway Oil Stains

This coca cola hack is quite controversial as it worked for many people and yet disappointed many others. The trick is to pour coca-cola straight onto the oil stain and scrub it with a brush. Most people often leave it overnight and then wash it the next day. If you don’t leave it overnight but wash it after a few minutes of scrubbing, it might not give satisfactory results. However, keep in mind that it is ineffective on brick surfaces.

14. As Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Coca-cola is highly effective in cleaning grease and other stains from the floor. Add a can of coca-cola and 1 tbsp. of floor cleaner with water and mop the floor with this solution to get its original shine back. Be sure to clean it with water as it might leave a sticky residue.

15. Polishing Chrome

Restore your chrome surfaces’ shine by using coca-cola and aluminum foil. Pour a little amount of coca-cola on an aluminum foil sheet and use it to scrub the chrome surface. This should remove the rust from the surface and get the original shine back.

16. Removing Adhesive

To ensure no damage to the surface, before applying Coca-Cola to the adhesive, choose a small, hidden area to test the method. Take a cloth or sponge and soak it with Coca-Cola. Make sure to saturate it but don’t let it drip excessively. Gently rub the cloth or sponge onto the adhesive and allow the Coca-Cola to penetrate the adhesive for a few minutes. Depending on the type and stubbornness of the adhesive, you can use a scrub brush, sponge, or plastic scraper to scrub or scrape away the adhesive. Work in a circular motion or use firm, consistent strokes to remove the adhesive.


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