Make a  DIY natural room scent deodorizer at home to freshen your surrounding along with saving few extra dollars that you would have spent on commercial Febreze spray!

Required Material

  1. Downy Unstoppables – 1/4 Cup
  2. Baking Soda – 1/2 tsp
  3. 1 Cup Hot Water
  4. Plastic Bottle
  5. Funnel


1. Plastic Bottle

Take an empty plastic spray bottle and put a funnel on its mouth.

2. Downy Unstoppables

Put 1/4 cup downy unstoppable into the bottle through the funnel.

3. Pour Water

Pour water into the bottle using a funnel. Remember to use hot water as hot water will dissolve things fast and nicely!

4. Baking Soda

Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda to the solution. At this stage, you can even double-triple the ingredients as per the amount you want.

5. Shake Bottle

After adding everything, put the plastic bottle’s cap on and shake the bottle very well before first use. Shake the bottle everytime you want to use the Febreze solution.

6. Ready To Use

Your DIY homemade Febreze is all ready to serve its purpose.

Watch the Tutorial


  1. Hi!! I just found your site from Pinterest when I was searching for a DIY Febreeze recipe. I also took a moment to look around on your site & realized I’m going to need more than a moment. You have SO many awesome How-tos, DIYs, Hacks & who knows what other treasures will be found.
    But I have a couple of quick question concerning the DIY Febreeze recipe. How much Baking Soda is used & how many ounces of water? You gave two different amounts for the Baking Soda, 1/2 Tbsp & 1/2 cup. The video tutorial wasn’t much clearer. And I didn’t see an amount of water anywhere.
    Again, I LOVE your site & will definitely be referring people here!!

  2. Hi I did this without reading your article but only used the downey unstoppables and hot water I did use a funnel lol seemed like thw easiest way to get the little buggers into a bottle top. I mixed everything in a clear water bottle with almost scalding hot water. Waited until I could touch bottler shook it like crazy and dumped it all into the original bottle. Why does it need the baking soda. I’m not being argumentative, just curious.

  3. I’m curious like Beverly. Why do you need the baking soda? I am wondering if after it sits and you spray it on something if the Soda will leave a white powdery residue.

  4. Baking soda is an odor absorbent. If Sprayed a lot in one area up close I’m sure it would eventually leave a white residue. But I use baking soda in almost all my diy odor items.. ie. foot powder, in my fridge, and in my febreeze spray bottle… I even sprinkle in my sink to help with odors.

  5. This smells amazing in my little apartment. Only difference is I changed my scent to the Spring scent (pink bottle) Thank you so much for this DIY idea ❤

  6. Thanks! I funneled the unstoppables into my spray bottle filled with warm water and then let it sit overnight
    then shake it the next day to mix well…I really don’t see the need for baking soda here. Works Great!


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