19 Bowl Painting Ideas | Bowl Painting Fun Ideas

Bored with your regular bowls at home? In this article, we are going to discuss 19 DIY bowl painting ideas to spruce up your kitchen and home!

1. Glass Bowl Painting

See how to make a simple glass bowl extraordinary with this bowl painting DIY. Spice up your meals or add a colorful splash to your storage with this unicorn bowl design.

2. Clay Fruit Bowl

For more fruitful results in creating your own clay bowls from scratch, follow the instructions in this video. Not only does it teach you to create your own painted bowls, but it also helps you with an in-depth knowledge of the finishing and details.

3. DIY Sharpie Bowls

Bowl Painting Ideas1

Learn everything you need to know about these DIY no-bake sharpies painted bowls here. Afterward, know how to doodle a smudge-free design on a basic bowl to make it vibrant, how to finish, and cure it for long term use as well.

4. Colorblock Wooden Bowls

Turn your vintage bowls or thrift store buys, into envious new pieces to serve your guests with finger foods and party crisps. Learn how to make these beautiful hand-painted color-blocked wooden bowls here.

5. Bowl Painting Ideas

Sharpie Dinnerware

Create a modern and fun addition for your kitchenware with this DIY tutorial of sharpie dinnerware and bowl design. So, what are you waiting for? Add more character to your dinnerware with slightly imperfect yet personal designs.

6. Painted Soup Bowl

Bowl Painting Ideas3

Create an original soup bowl with this simple yet effective tutorial for unique painted bowls. Learn how to safely glaze your creation for a timeless masterpiece.

7. DIY Painted Bowls

Painted Jewelry Storage

You can always buy boxes to keep your jewelry on your dresser from a store. However, this crafty idea helps you make cute little jewelry bowls at home! Take your inspiration for dainty and pretty painted jewelry bowls here.

8. Hand-Painted Pottery Bowl

Bowl Painting Ideas4

Take a look at this step by step DIY to make a pretty painted bowl for everyday use. In addition to the painting details of the design, know all about the products used to make your bowls more durable as well.

9. Hand-Painted Clay Bowls

Clay Bowls

Have fun while creating these modern two-tone beauties with this detailed DIY here. Made from clay, these indigo and white bowls can be a perfect subtle yet graceful addition to your home.

10. Painting On Ceramic

Learn how to make painted oven-baked bowls here. This DIY gives an in-detail description of making your own painted ceramic bowls, also known as porcelain bowls.

11. Painted Ceramic Bowl

Bowl Painting Ideas5

The DIY explores the idea of using glass paint as a painting base for the bowls, however, you can use acrylic colors as well. You can use any glass paint for the method.

12. Personalize Ceramic Bowls – Bowl Painting Ideas

Personalized Bowl Painting Ideas

Personalize your bowls with this creative idea of painted bowls. This inexpensive and simple method can be easily enjoyed with kids as well. So, make use of various tools to paint the bowls and make the activity a fun session.

13. DIY Painted Bowls

cool Bowl Painting Ideas

This painted bowl DIY experiments the use of a crafts box, complete with a stencil, and manual of painting your bowls at home. You’ll love this idea as it comes with a detailed tutorial. Above all, it is simple yet sophisticated.

14. Painted Watermelon Bowls

Another video that explores turning a simple glass bowl into a masterpiece. Follow the steps in this tutorial to create a flawless addition for your kitchen and home.

15. Trick or Treat Halloween Bowl

Trick-or-treat in style with this cute painted bowl idea for Halloween. In addition to the regular supplies, learn how to use stickers in this DIY for flawless text on your painted bowl.

16. Chicken Soup Bowl

Get Better

An ideal gift for people who prefer a personalized touch to the gifts, this painted bowl brings together ingredients of a wellness gift in it. Collect your painting supplies and gift material and follow these steps to make the ultimate get well soon gift.

17. Snack Party Bowl

Snack Party

Make the ultimate snack party bowl with this idea, that brings party bowls to life. This creative idea lets you go abstract with your imagination and design. Furthermore, there is no set pattern for your bowls to look alike, so you can play with them in design.

18. Ceramic Bowl Painting Idea

19 Bowl Painting Ideas

We believe baking creates extraordinary products! Similarly, these easy to make baked painted bowls are an excellent addition to your home. Read all about the steps to create these bowls here, to create them with perfection.

So, pick up your brushes to create the perfect gift and accessory for your home or loved ones by following these bowl painting ideas!


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