4 Astounding Cinnamon Body Scrub Benefits You Need To Know

Add a skin-benefiting boost to your bath with a cinnamon body scrub. Know all about the cinnamon body scrub benefits for your skin and how to use it here.

Cinnamon Body Scrub Benefits1

Apart from adding a spicy touch and aroma to your lattes and a distinct flavor to your curries, cinnamon can also help you get flawless skin. The exotic spice has several skin-benefiting properties that make it an ideal addition to your skincare regime.

Cinnamon Body Scrub Benefits

1. Heals and Treats Acne

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the spice are extremely helpful in treating active acne and skin blemishes. The powerful spice dries out the acne and removes the dead skin, revealing fresh and clear skin in a short period of time. In addition to that, the heat of the spice stimulates blood flow in the body when used as a scrub, giving your skin an instant glow.

2. Has Anti-aging Properties

As cinnamon helps improve the blood flow in the applied area, the skin is instantly more nourished and plump. This results in flawless, hydrated skin with reduced fine lines and other signs of aging. Adding a pinch of cinnamon powder or a drop of cinnamon essential oil to your lip balm can help you get plump and pink lips.

3. Treats Skin Issues Like Eczema

Cinnamon Body Scrub Benefits2

The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of cinnamon help treat eczema. Eczema is also associated with skin inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the spice also help in treating the skin condition. 

4. Enhances Complexion

Cinnamon can contribute and help you get flawless skin. The spice has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help improve the skin’s quality and complexion.

Homemade Cinnamon Body Scrub

Cinnamon Body Scrub Benefits3

A cinnamon scrub helps you exfoliate, and get glowing radiant skin. The easy to make scrub is inexpensive and chemical-free. In addition to that, this body scrub stimulates cell generation, making the skin more youthful and bright.

You’ll Need

  • Half cup of granulated sugar
  • A quarter cup of ground coffee powder
  • A quarter cup of ground cinnamon powder
  • Seven drops of Vitamin E oil
  • Four tablespoons of coconut oil


  1. In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well until everything is combined. 
  2. After that, store this body scrub in an air-tight container.
  3. Wet your skin and start scrubbing your body with a palm-full of the scrub recipe.
  4. Gently massage all over in a circular motion. 
  5. After that, wash off the scrub with lukewarm water and pat dry your skin.
  6. Finish with your favorite body moisturizer or coconut oil to add a nourishing touch to your skin.

Note: Do not apply any soap after the body scrub.

Make this sugar, coffee, and cinnamon body scrub today. Do you know any other benefits of cinnamon for the skin? Let us know in the comments.


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