18 Practical Alternative Uses Of Hand Sanitizers

There are many alternative uses of hand sanitizers than just killing germs. All these uses will come handy for your day-to-day life.

Hand sanitizers are used worldwide to kill germs and viruses from hands when soap and water aren’t available. It has become a necessity in everyone’s life these days due to the Covid-19 outbreak. But apart from using hand sanitizers for it’s killing germs from your hands, you can use it for many other things to make your life easier. Follow the below alternative uses of hand sanitizers to know more.

1. Cleaning White Boards

The alcohol content in hand sanitizers can help you remove permanent markers and other stains from your whiteboards. So, next time you have a meeting or a class, make sure you start it with a ‘clean slate’!

2. Cleaning and Sanitizing Appliances

Not only does a hand sanitizer work as an efficient cleaner by removing dirt from surfaces and your appliances, but it also sanitizes them. You can clean and sanitize various tech devices with a sanitizer, for example, laptop and kitchen appliances.

3. Treating Pimples

The alcohol content in the hand sanitizer can help reduce inflammation. It also kills the bacteria around the area. However, since the same properties can dry out your skin, regularly using it as an acne treatment is not advised.

4. Removing Stains

Alternative Uses Of Hand Sanitizer2

Sanitizer is extremely useful in removing stains, big or small. For stains on hard surfaces, liberally spread sanitizer around the stain and then start removing in a gentle circular motion. For stains on fabric, apply the sanitizer on the stain and leave for five to ten minutes. Then wash it thoroughly.

Note: Check the effect of the sanitizer on the fabric before use, as it can discolor or fade fabric surfaces.

5. Deodorant Substitute

As hand sanitizer can kill odor-causing bacteria and germs, it can be a perfect substitute for deodorant in an emergency.

6. Removing Grease

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cut through grease as well. Therefore, it can be used as a substitute to clean grease and oil stains. Take a sufficient amount on a sponge and start rubbing the surface with grease or oil stains.

7. Polishing Silver

Sanitizers can also cut through the tarnish formed on the surface of the silver. In addition to removing the tarnish, it polishes silver objects as well. For cleaning silver with a sanitizer, squirt a few drops on a soft fabric and gently clean the silver surface with it.

8. Disinfecting Make-up Brushes

Clean Makeup Brushes

Dirty make-up brushes can be a cause of skin infections or acne. Therefore, cleaning them regularly is essential. Hand sanitizers can effectively clean and disinfect make-up brushes. To do it, wash your brushes thoroughly. Then, rub the brushes with the sanitizer and let them air-dry.

9. Removing Sticky Labels

The adhesive residue from stickers is tough to remove from jars or utensils and ruins the look of the product. In addition to that, it can attract dust. The composition of a hand sanitizer can help in removing the residue easily. Apply some sanitizer on the surface of the jar and let it sit for five minutes. Then rub off the residue with a microfiber cloth.

10. As a Nail Polish Remover

Sanitizers, especially alcohol-based ones, can help you remove nail paint as well. For the method, apply some sanitizer on the nails and let it sit for a minute. After that, clean the nail with the help of a cotton pad. Finally, apply hand cream or lotion to keep your hands and nails nourished.

Note: You might need to repeat the process a few times to clean the nail properly.

11. As a Hair Gel and Dry Shampoo

As a Dry Shampoo

A small squirt of hand sanitizer can also replace your hair gel. In addition to setting your hair, hand sanitizers act as dry shampoo as well. They can easily make your hair look fresher and cleaner. Rub a small quantity in your palms and apply it in your hair before it dries.

12. Treating Mosquito Bites

Applying a little bit of hand sanitizer on mosquito bites can help reduce the itching! It also helps in reducing the inflammation caused by the bite instantly.

13. Disinfecting Minor Wounds

Got a paper cut or a small bruise, while you can’t reach an antiseptic liquid? Don’t worry, dabbing some hand sanitizer on minor wounds can help disinfect the bruise or wound immediately. So, carry a bottle of a hand sanitizer wherever you go.

14. Disinfect Your Mobile Phone

Alternative Uses Of Hand Sanitizer3

Staying connected with everyone with the help of your phone has its advantages. However, your phone is exposed to make-up, sweat, heat, dirt, and all forms of bacteria and viruses in the air. Therefore, it is essential to clean and disinfect your phone regularly. Hand sanitizers are perfect for cleaning and sanitizing your phone screens without damaging the display of your phone.

15. Cleaning Spills

Food spills are the worst as they can leave behind a greasy or sticky residue on floors. However, you can wipe off the residue easily with hand sanitizers and dusters. Drop a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer over the spill and start to rub it with a microfiber cloth.

16. Removing Settled Dust

Removing settled dust from stored and forgotten stuff is hard, especially wax-based products like candles. Hand sanitizers can easily remove dust from these surfaces and products. So, next time you come across something in your closet covered in dust, you know what to do.

17. Removing Paint

From spoiled brushes to stained floors and surfaces, hand sanitizers can easily help you scrape off paint stains. First, scrape off the paint with the help of a spoon. Then. clean off the residue with hand sanitizer and a rag.

18. Cleaning Glass

Alternative Uses Of Hand Sanitizer4

Hand sanitizers can help you clean any glass surface, including your sunglasses, car mirrors, and your glasses’ lens as well. Just like you clean your phone, clean the mirror surfaces likewise.

Pro tip: Cleaning your camera lens before clicking images can help you get better pictures.

Warning: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can catch fire due to their alcohol content. Therefore, it is advisable that whenever you use the sanitizer, keep away from fire. This applies to all the uses above as well.

If you know about other interesting alternative uses of hand sanitizers, share them with us in the comments!


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