16 DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas | Glass Vase Decor Ideas

Go through these DIY glass vase painting ideas to spruce up your glass vase at home without much effort. You can use these vases to decor areas around your home.

1. Shiny Glass Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas1

One of the easiest ways to paint a glass vase is by pouring some liquid paint inside and spreading it on the interior surface of the vase. This prevents the paint to scrape off easily and does not affect the smooth finish of the glass. Check the DIY here.

2. Art Glass Vase

If you have the artistic gene in you, you can follow this tutorial to paint something artistic on the glass vase. It can be a simple design or an elaborate one depending on how you use it for decoration.

3. Block Painted Vase

Block painting on glass vases is as elegant and stylish as it is for block-printed clothes. This tutorial shows how you can neatly paint a glass vase in blocks to add a modern touch to it.

4. Sea Glass Vase

Sea Glass Vase

Create an illusionary sea glass vase using frosted paint. You can decorate them with other sea accessories such as shells or beads. It is a perfect burst of color without being shiny. All you need is some frost paint colors and a technique for painting in the right way. Follow this tutorial for more information.

5. Stained Glass Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas2

A lot of people have tried and enjoyed decorating stained glass paintings on the house. Try this on your glass vase to create a beautiful and unique look. This tutorial shows how you can create a lighthouse vase using this technique.

6. Lace Stencil Vase

Lace Stencil Vase

Take inspiration from this tutorial to make a classic and timeless vase using lace stencils and a glass bottle. It is elegant, stylish, and goes well with the modern décor. Add some lace on the top for an extra touch and a more coordinated design.

7. Marble and Copper Accent Vase

Marble and Copper Accent Vase

Bring together the luxurious marble and the fine finishing of copper to create a modern accent in a basic glass vase as shown in the tutorial. It has a neat and gorgeous look defined to it, which looks breathtaking and adds elegance to the décor.

8. Mercury Glass Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas3

This tutorial shows how you can modify a glass vase with a mercury glass finish that looks like a mirror. It has a silvery finish which does not create a lot of bling in the room or is hard on the eyes.

9. Marble Vase

Marble Vase

Revamp a basic glass vase by painting an illustrious effect of marble using the help of this tutorial. It can make it look like an elegant, expensive piece and adds a touch of royal look to the room’s décor.

10. Bohemian Vase

Bohemian Vase

If you are going for a bohemian look with an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures, you will find this tutorial interesting. It shows how you can reuse a wine bottle as a vase by painting it with a combination of vibrant colors and chic patterns.

11. Patterned Glass Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas4

A touch of quirky in a vibrant room can be added by painting your glass vase in a polka dot pattern or adding a few embellishments. It is a great addition for a chic look or for vivid and lively room décor. Here’s the idea.

12. Recycled Vase

Recycled Vase

Recycling and reusing glass bottles as vases is a common trend these days. Try this tutorial for decorating them with beautiful lace and embellishments. You can have a whole set of vases for the room made using old wine bottles.

13. Striped Vase

Striped Vase

This prints-inspired vase painting tutorial features a wide array of colors, giving the room a lot of flexibility and versatility. Experiment with the choice of strips to make it more personalized.

14. Crackle Paint Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas5

This tutorial shows how you can create a crackle effect with chalk paint and get a vintage vase. This three-step process creates a chalky texture that especially looks very authentic for Halloween decorations.

15. Ombre Vase

Ombre Vase

An ombre vase plays with the light in the room, making it look absolutely stunning and fashionable. Choose a blend you would like and follow this tutorial on how to paint your glass vase in an ombre texture.

16. Ceramic Painted Glass Vase

DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas6

This tutorial makes use of warm, neutral bases such as chalky or limestone which can create a delusion of ceramic vases. Since actual ceramic vases do not hold water and can leak moisture on the surface, this is a great way to use the sturdy glass ones with still look of ceramic vases.

We hope that these DIY Glass Vase Painting Ideas motivated you to try and decor different spaces of your home!


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