Why is My Slime Not Slimy | How to Fix Failed Slime?

One of our readers asked- “Why is my slime not slimy?” Read this article as we attempt to answer the question with quick go-to fixes for a failed slime.

Making slime at home can be a tricky process. It can be frustrating to follow a recipe but still end up with slime that does not exactly feel slimy. Even if you make it regularly and have perfected the recipe, it can still go wrong. There are many factors that have to go right in order to get the perfect slime texture. Besides the amount of the slime activator, the texture of the slime highly depends on the way you knead it. But with an improper kneading technique and variation in the ingredients can lead you to end up with a slime that’s either too hard or too runny. Are you wondering “why is my slime not slimy?”, let’s discuss the various ways a DIY slime can go wrong and how you can fix it.

Why is My Slime Not Slimy

Reasons for Hard Slime

Making slime consists of two essential components, a polymer with large chains of molecules easily flowing past each other and an activator that crosslinks these molecules to form a slimy texture which is somewhere in between a free-flowing liquid and a solid substance. To achieve this perfect texture, it is essential to follow the recipes exactly.

One of the most common reasons due to which slime might turn hard and rubbery is the excessive use of slime activators. Whether you make it using borax, saline solution, cornstarch, liquid starch, the slime will become hard if you add too much. This is because it cross-links the molecules in such a way that they no longer can slide past, which allows the slime to flow.

Ways to Fix

1. Water

Adding a few drops of water can fix a stiff and rubbery slime. Add a little at a time and knead continuously to ensure that the slime doesn’t break. If you add more than the required amount of water into the slime, the slime will break apart. Be mindful that kneading is the key to getting the perfect slime texture so use the full strength of your hands to knead the slime well.

2. Lotion

Who knew moisturizing lotion could have a role to play in the texture of slime. Take a spoon of cream in a bowl and place the slime on it. Poke holes in it to let the moisturizing lotion spread evenly inside out. Once it is distributed evenly, knead it well. This will soften the slime and give it a smooth texture. You can add more lotion if it gets hard again.

3. Sanitizer Gel

Kneading 2-3 drops of any sanitizer gel into the slime can effectively reduce the stiffness of slime. Pour two to three drops of sanitizer on the slime and start kneading it till you get the desired texture. Increase or decrease the quantity of sanitizer gel based on the stiffness of your slime.

4. Glue

This is applicable if you have made your slime using glue as an activator. Adding a spoon of glue to the slime and kneading it well with your hands can help soften the slime.

5. Hot water

Take a bowl of boiling water and place a container in the bowl. Add the slime into the inner container and make sure the slime isn’t in direct contact with the boiling water. Let it heat for a few minutes and knead after that. This can help it to soften temporarily. You can do this trick every time before you start playing with slime.

Reasons for Runny Slime

A runny slime can be very difficult to manage and can make you feel icky. If you have ended up making runny slime, there is quite a possibility that either you have used the wrong type of glue or you have not added enough slime activator, such as saline solution, or cornstarch. PVA glue or Elmer’s glue is the best kind that can help you make the perfect slime at home. If you use excessively runny glue, then it would require much more slime activator to form slime.

Ways to Fix

Adding thickening agents can help fix slime that is too runny and does not stretch.

1. Glue

If you made your slime using liquid starch, adding 1/4th cup of glue can make it thick and stretchy. Remember to add only a little amount at a time and knead your way to getting a perfect slime texture. If you add too much glue, the slime can turn hard.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda can fix a watery slime effectively. A little less than a gram of baking soda can thicken a slime that is made using saline solution. Keep adding a little amount of baking soda and knead the slime till you get a favorable texture.

3. Cornstarch

Try adding a teaspoon of cornstarch to the slime to improve its consistency. This works well for a recipe made with dish soap or glue.

Other Tips and Tricks to Make Your Slime Slimy

  1. When making slime, give time for the bonds to form before you start kneading it. Mix it with a spatula and take out the slime only when you see that the slime has started leaving the bowl.
  2. It is always advised to store slime in a cool place and away from the sun to protect it from going bad.
  3. Add a teaspoon of lotion to the slime every time you start using it to get a soft texture.
  4. Microwaving slime for 30 seconds or using steam can effectively improve the slime texture if it is hard or has been kept in the container for too long.
  5. Always follow the exact ratios as any ingredient added in extra could lead to a slime fail. For example, adding too much cornstarch or liquid starch, or saline solution can make it stringy and it can break easily.

Always remember there is no shortcut to creating the perfect slime. Slime is all about science and it required careful precision in making to have the perfect slime at home.


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