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Are you finding an answer to “why does my gel polish peel off”? Read through the article to learn why it happens and how you can stop it from happening!

Manicures and pedicures have become an essential part of the self-care routine, claiming to remove dead skin cells from around the nails and giving a healthier and shinier look. As a fan of manicures, there are so many trends, options, and varieties available that make them even more fascinating. Whether you get them done for stress relief and self-care or just amazing-looking nails, the last thing you would want is the nail polish to peel off easily. Most manicurists use gel nail polish instead of regular ones, which have more extended durability. Still, you might face issues with it peeling off easily. One of our readers asked “why does my gel polish peel off?” And we are dedicated to provide a comprehensive answer to this question along with some tips to maintain the gel polish.

What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish is made up of acrylic monomers and oligomers that bond together when placed in UV light or LED light. This is one of the significant differences between gel and regular nail polish, as gel polish does not air-dry. Besides, it needs more preparation and curing of nails before applying, as opposed to regular ones, which you can directly apply over the nails. Gel polish is thicker and has a glossy look when applied over the nails. It is used for manicures and can last easily for two to three weeks if done correctly. 

How to Maintain Gel Polish?

A manicure done with gel polish lasts for about two to three weeks, but still, there are a few precautions that you can take to avoid it from wearing off quickly and staying even longer.

1. Don’t Peel Off

One of the first rules of maintaining gel nail polish is not to peel them off. One should not try to buff them up or scratch them with the nails. No manicure can withstand manual peeling off. 

2. Comfortable Nail Length

Depending on your work, choose the right nail length that does not become a hindrance in work or break because of being too long. Furthermore, long nails might even break if you try to do daily chores with them on.

3. Use Gloves

If you are planning to do any cleaning activities in the house or subject them to soap and water regularly, wear gloves. This will prevent the nails and gel polish from becoming dry and eventually falling off.

4. Prefer Light Colors

It is easy to see any imperfections or scratches in darker nail colors. One should prefer lighter shades of nail polish for a longer-lasting look. 

5. Moisturizing

Apply oil or an oil-based moisturizing lotion directly over the nails daily to avoid dryness and prevent brittle nails. Nail polish can peel off quite easily if the nails are brittle.

6. Don’t Use Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol in hand sanitizers can strip the topcoat off the gel nail polish. Try to use gentle hand washing soaps too instead of the harsh ones that might contain alcohol. 

7. Avoid Hot Water

High temperatures can peel off the nail polish as the nails soak in moisture. Avoid soaking in long hot water baths or bathing in hot showers. 

8. Reapply Topcoat

Topcoats can help keep the glossy look of the gel nail polish in no time. Reapply the topcoat every few days to keep the nails shiny and as good as new.

9. Cuticle Oil

Instead of cutting off the cuticles, which can cause a rough surface, try applying cuticle oil that suppresses them and gives a more even nail polish coat. 

10. Breaks Between Manicures

Try to take a little downtime between manicures to relax the nails and rehydrate. 

Why Does My Gel Polish Peel Off?

The routine followed during the manicure is extremely important to prevent the gel nail polish from peeling off. Even a single wrong step can spoil the whole manicure. Hence, it is essential to understand what to do and what not to do during the manicure. Keep reading to find why the gel nail polish might peel off after a nicely done manicure. 

1. Preparing The Cuticles

Before applying gel nail polish, one needs to push the cuticles inside. This prevents the formation of any ledge, which might be where the nail polish starts to peel off. 

2. Nail Moisture

Moisture can cause the nails to expand, and applying nail polish over them can cause the nail polish to peel off once they go back to normal. Hence, one should avoid getting a manicure immediately after a shower or use an alcohol-based dehydrator such as removers to dehydrate the nails before coating. This is one of the most common reasons for a peeling nail polish. 

3. Coats of Nail Polish

Very thick coats of nail paint can affect how the bonds are formed in UV or LED light. An improper bond formation can easily cause peeling off of the gel nail polish.

4. Improper Filing

If the nail surface was not filed or buffed to roughen up the surface, the gel polish might not stick as coherently and can hence peel off easily. 

How To Apply Gel Polish At Home?

A cost-effective way for getting those perfectly manicured nails is by doing it at home. Follow these steps to apply gel nail polish at home:

Start by giving the desired shape and size to your nails. Next, apply any cuticle oil to soften the cuticle so that it becomes easy to press them inside the nail bed. This will give you an uniform nail bed. Now use a buffer to roughen up and even out the nails. Dehydrate your nails with rubbing alcohol or a nail paint remover.

Gently apply a thin layer of base coat evenly over the nails. Do not skip this step. Cure your nails under a LED lamp for about 30 seconds. Now, apply the gel polish that you like in thin layers. Again, cure the nails under a LED lamp for at least 30 seconds. Once cured, apply a final layer of topcoat over the nails. Cure the nails again. Your manicure is now complete. 


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