Why and How to You Use Vegetable Oil For Lice

Get rid of lice and nits by using an inexpensive kitchen ingredient- vegetable oil! Learn more about vegetable oil for lice in this article.

Vegetable Oil For Lice1

A kitchen pantry item can be the answer to various hair woes. Turns out vegetable oil is really beneficial for hair and is a really good solution to get rid of hair lice and nits. Let’s read and learn more about the benefits of using this inexpensive and easily accessible kitchen remedy for your hair. Look how you can use vegetable oil for lice below.

How to Apply

  1. Take and heat around half a cup of oil on a stove and heat it till it becomes lukewarm.
  2. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil or any other essential oil if you wish.
  3. Do a thorough gentle massage as this would condition the hair. Leave the oil for 10-15 minutes. Or if you can keep it for half an hour, it would be great!
  4. Do the regular shampoo routine and pat dry the hair.
  5. The regular application of oil adds an unmistakable sheen and strength to your hair.

Benefits of Vegetable Oil For Hair

1. An Excellent Conditioner

Conditioned hair

Vegetable oil is an excellent source of nourishment and moisturizing for dry brittle hair. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the oil is an easy way to softly condition the hair. The oil also helps to repair the environmental damage your hair goes through due to pollution. Massage vegetable oil in your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion and apply some on your hair swell. Continuos application and massage of vegetable oil helps you get a healthy scalp and hair.

2. Encourages Hair Growth

Even applying a small amount of vegetable oil on your hair and scalp on a continuous basis boosts hair growth and increases the thickness too. Heat up the vegetable oil to lukewarm temperature and massage with your fingertips on your scalp. Use once a week and you would be able to see the difference in your hair in a few months. Vegetable oil can help you achieve long and luscious locks.

3. Helpful in Getting Rid of Dandruff

Adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your conditioner is an inexpensive spa treatment for your dandruff concerns. Mix the oil in your conditioner and apply generously. Wrap your hair and scalp with a warm towel for 15-20 minutes. Twice a month hair treatment with vegetable oil and conditioner will keep dandruff at bay and keep your hair soft.

4. Works on Dry and Itchy Scalp

Dry and itchy scalp

One of the most common reasons for an itchy scalp is dryness. A massage with vegetable oil on the scalp helps get rid of scalp infections, dryness patches, and brittle hair. Since it will nourish the hair, the natural shine and bounce of the hair will be restored.

5. Vegetable Oil For Lice

Another important advantage vegetable oil has for your locks is treating them for lice and nits. Lice in hair can lead to itchiness, discomfort, and even embarrassment in front of people. Hair treatment with vegetable oil can help get rid of the infestation.

Vegetable Oil For Lice

Vegetable Oil For Lice2

Here’s what you need:

  1. Vegetable oil
  2. Shower cap
  3. Lice comb
  4. Nit removal comb

How to:

  1. Generously apply the vegetable oil on scalp and hair so that it covers and coats each root to end.
  2. Wear the shower cap and leave it overnight.
  3. Remove the cap and shampoo thoroughly, it might take two attempts to wash off all the oil.
  4. Now, start running the lice comb on your clean hair slowly. 
  5. It could be a little time taking, but it is a fruitful process.

The vegetable oil suffocates the lice, so they leave their stronghold on your hair. The oil also helps the nits to slide off easily. Check if you need to repeat the process in 7 days to clean your scalp from lice and nits.


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