Various Uses of Dry Shampoo | Alternate Uses of Dry Shampoo

Did you know dry shampoo can be used for multiple purposes? Well, learn various uses of dry shampoo in this article!

What is dry shampoo?

Various Uses of Dry Shampoo1

A fast-drying spray or powder used for on-the-go cleaning of your hair without any water is called dry shampoo. The shampoo generally absorbs the excess sebum and oils from your scalp, hair, roots, and hair, making them look fresher. However, dry shampoo is only a temporary substitute for cleaning your hair and, in the longer run, cannot match the benefits of a hair wash. So, why do people use it? Dry shampoo is a life savior when you don’t have time to wash your hair or have to leave for an important event suddenly. You can also use dry shampoo in some other exciting ways to improve your look and style. Keep reading to know the various uses of dry shampoo.

1. Taming Unruly Eyebrows

Take a pinch of dry shampoo for taming your unruly eyebrows! Sprinkle a small amount of shampoo on the index finger and apply it for coaxing your eyebrows in the line. It also adds on to the thickness of the eyebrows to some extent. So, raise your brows in style with this dry shampoo hack.

2. Adding Subtle Lowlights and Highlights to Hair Color


Dry shampoos can help you fix your hair color in emergencies. If you want a shade close to your hair color, use tinted dry shampoo to add subtle lowlights or highlights. You may even work with the shampoo product as a mid-shaft split. This little trick can save you a lot of time, effort, and money!

3. Covering the Roots

Dry shampoos are available in various color options. Hence, if you want to give an ultimate touch-up to your hair, you should use it in small amounts across the hairline to disguise the natural hair color signs. Not only does this lift your hair and look, but it also efficiently covers the roots.

4. Increases the Hair Volume

If you find your hair strands looking dry or limp, add dry shampoo in small amounts, powder, or spray form to your dry, brittle hair by focusing on the roots. After this, flip your hair and blow-dry. The process helps you get fuller and bouncier looking hair in no time.

5. Gives the Right Texture 

Various Uses of Dry Shampoo2

Freshly washed hair is excessively smooth to form braids. In this situation, you should add a little dry shampoo to help your hair get the right texture to hold the shape of the braid without any strays. 

6. Helps Hold your Hairpins without a Hair-Setting Spray

If your barrettes and bobby pins are sliding out from the right place, you should spray dry shampoo before you use the pins to get a secure hold. 

7. Helps in Hairstyles

Dry shampoos add both hold and body to your hair, and hence, they are excellent options for detailed hair work. It would help if you tried sprinkling or spraying a little amount of dry shampoo across the hairline. After this, use your fingers to work gently and fold your hair into curls or face-framing waves. 

8. Getting Rid of Grease from the Face and Skin

Grease On Face

Greasy bangs usually stick to the face and skin during the summer months. If you want to keep greasy layers out from your face or skin, spray dry shampoo on your skin’s affected undersides.

9. Cleaning the Sneakers

If you have smelly and dirty sneakers, you should spray some dry shampoo on the dirty surface. Allow the shampoo to sit for about eight hours or overnight. Then, with a hard brush, remove the residues on the shoe. The spray also helps in eliminating the stink from the boots. 

10. To Control Perspiration

Various Uses of Dry Shampoo3

We know that dry shampoos quickly soak up sweat and oil. So, applying a single pinch or some spray across the thighs or back areas helps control sweat and rashes caused due to the excessive sweat.

Try these various uses of dry shampoo today and let us know if you know other uses of dry shampoo.


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