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After every party, you are left with so many glass bottles of beers and wines everywhere. What do you do with those bottles? You might think that there’s no other way other than throwing them in the trash. Well, the next time you host a party at your place, upcycle the bottles to make better and creative use of them. These cool beer bottle projects are fun and are so attractive to use as a home decor item. Be careful and always wear safety goggles and gloves while creating these projects as the glass bottle may break while working and end up hurting you. Check out these beer bottles DIY uses; most are easy to make using basic supplies.

1. Shot Glasses

Upcycle the beer bottles to make these shot glasses and flaunt your creativity in the next party! Make this easy and fun DIY using nothing but just a glass cutter. Cut the neck of the bottle and place the cap on top as being picturized above and your shot glasses are ready.

2. Beer Bottle Glasses

Just cut the top of the bottle and bam! You have got a new upcycled beer bottle glass. It’s among the easiest DIYs unless you know to operate the glass cutter. Learn the DIY here.

3. Candles

Transform useless beer bottles into home decor candles in some easy and basic steps with this tutorial. If you are a beginner, be sure to cut the glass under any elder’s guidance.

4. Cap Candles

Create this that secured wall DIY using bottle caps and wax! They look beautiful when done and can be a personalized Christmas gift. You can make this in few minutes if you have all the supplies ready. Here’s the tutorial.

5. Beer Bottle Vases

Recycle the beer bottles which you were planning to throw and make these anomalous looking flower vases. restricting, enhance the skill by adding different patterns to make it more exciting. For more, check out the tutorial here.

6. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Model this wine bottle chandelier with this easy to understand tutorial. It’s fun to create this DIY, and the most exciting fact is that this adds a touch of elegance to your ceiling without costing you much.

7. DIY Bracelet Organizer

Have an attractive place for your bracelets and save them from breaking or vanishing! It’s simple to arrange your bracelets in this manner, all you have to do is place the bottle on a surface so that the bangles don’t slip out from the other end and start sliding the bracelets down the bottle. Besides being functional, it’s a creative and unique idea too.

8. Bird Feeder

Place this bird feeder outside in the garden or inside; it works great for feeding the birds. Help those little homeless friends to eat and sustain this hot summer with this Bird feeder DIY. The tutorial is here.

9. Candle Holder

Instead of wasting money on store-bought candle holders, make this inexpensive Beer Bottle Candle Holder at home in no time. Start by cutting the glass in half (if you don’t know how to cut a bottle, check this link) and then smoothen the cut area using sandpaper, decorate the holder using your creativity, and your candle holder is ready to be flaunted!

10. Hummingbird Feeder

This DIY is specially designed for hummingbirds to suck nectar! Decorate the bottle according to your innovative ideas and once done, Hang it upside down on any branch of a tree which is noticeable from a distance so that the bird finds it’s food conveniently. To know more, check out the DIY here!

11. Tiki Torch

Don’t waste money on buying those expensive torches, instead make one at home using a glass bottle. Whether camping or hiking, we need torches or LEDs for both adventures. Instead of using torches, use these eco-friendly tiki-torches to do the aid! Visit Instructables to know more!

12. Light Beer

This 23 dollar DIY can be made in just one day if you are dedicated to achieving it! Though it’s a bit hard to make this project but not impossible. It looks extremely adorable to be put up in your next house party! The tutorial is here.

13. Wine Bottle Planter

If gardening is your passion and it’s way too much to handle, you’ll surely love this amazing idea by Recycl Art. Upcycle the empty wine bottles to make these beguiling hanging planters.

14. Wedding Festivities

This creative idea is inspired by Rock My Wedding. It’s interesting how you can use the wine or beer bottles this way. Show some creativity and don’t just copy the project as it is, instead add some innovative ideas to make it look fuller and attractive.

15. Bottle Planter

Recreate this fascinating project for your indoor garden to impress your family and friends. Here’s the tutorial.

16. Bottle Lamp

This project is inspired by Instructables. It’s interesting how a simple glass bottle is transformed into a beautiful and functional table night lamp.

17. Rope Vase

Create a Yarn bottle vase, using colorful yarns, threads, or ropes to cover a beer bottle. Choose different colors and patterns to explore more. Find the tutorial here.

18. Guitar Slide

Make guitar slides using bottles that are of no use anyway! The tutorial is here.

19. Bottle Wall

This Glass Bottle Wall is a stylish idea to be put up in your home. This wall can be the new focus point inside your home. Since it’s not one of those secured walls, we will not suggest restricting any outdoor area using this idea. To learn more about the idea, visit here.

20. Chalkboard Label

Paint glass bottles using chalk paint and further label it with whatever title as and when needed! Find this DIY here.

21. Wind Chime

Create wind chimes to decorate your garden elegantly following the DIY here. It’s not necessary to have them outside, use these wind chimes to decorate your indoor creatively. The tutorial is available here.


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