Sunglasses Holder For Home DIY | DIY Wall Sunglass Holder

We’re sharing a very simple and fun sunglasses holder for home DIY with you today! This is an easy and quick solution to store your sunglasses.

Required Material

  1. Picture Frame
  2. Scissor
  3. Hot Glue
  4. Fabric
  5. Twine

Procedure to Make DIY Wall Sunglass Holder

1. Take Out The Back

Choose a large picture frame and take out the glass of it and save it for some other use. Now remove the cardboard back of the picture frame.

2. Hot Glue The Fabric

Cover the cardboard back with a piece of your favorite fabric and secure it with hot glue.

3. Line Up The Sunglasses

Line up your sunglasses on the back of the frame and mark a point where you’ll wish to hang them. Mark two dots on either side and join them with a line.

4. Twine

Wrap a thread of twine around the cardboard back and glue one end on the line as marked. Glue the other end of the twine on the end of the line. Repeat the same step for the second line.

5. Back To The Frame

Lastly, secure the cardboard back to the picture frame and hang or put the frame wherever you desire.

6. Ready

Hang your sunglasses on their brand new holder! We hope that this sunglasses holder for home DIY has solved your problem.

Check out the tutorial for Sunglasses Holder For Home DIY


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