Slime Care Instructions | How to Care For Slime

As easy as it is to play with slime, caring for it can be tricky and combursome. Read these slime care instructions to increase the shelf life of your slime.

If you enjoy playing with slime, there is quite a possibility that you have a lot of different types of slime stored for later use. The last thing you want is to find a bad slime after you reopen the container. It might turn stiff and have a rubbery texture or loosen up and break into fragments because of chemical reactions with the environmental factors. Hence, slime needs a proper care routine for a longer shelf life irrespective of the fact that whether it was store-bought or made at home. Keep on reading to find some helpful slime care instructions to get aid in increasing the life of your slime.

Slime Care Instructions

Add Activators

If you are taking your slime out of the container after a long time, it might need reactivation. Follow these steps to reactivate the slime:

  1. Bring the slime to room temperature. It is an essential but often neglected step.
  2. Take the slime out of the container and start kneading it with light pressure on a clean platform.
  3. If it does not return to the natural texture, add a few drops of activator and knead it till it returns to its normal consistency.
  4. Be cautious as to not add too much activator at once as it will turn your slime hard and rubbery. Add a few drops first and knead to ensure that the activator is spread evenly. If you need more activator, add another few drops and knead.

Different Activators To Choose From

1. Borax Activator

Add one teaspoon of borax powder to a cup of warm water and mix well. Let it sit for a few minutes before adding it to the slime. Keep in mind that when given an option, you must refrain from using borax as a slime activator especially for slimes meant for kids. This is because borax can have adverse reactions on the skin and when ingested, it can be dangerous.

2. Saline Solution

You can either use a store-available contact solution or make one at home. Simply add half a teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of water and boil it for 15 minutes.

3. Liquid Starch

A few drops of liquid starch is enough for fixing slime and bringing it back to its original look.

Ways to Soften Slime

Ways to Soften Slime

You can try these simple ways, too, instead of using activators initially if the slime is very hard. Followed by the below tricks and ways to soften slime, you can then add a small amount of activator to make the slime stretchy.

1. Water

You can use half a teaspoon of water to soften your slime. Simply add the water to the slime and start kneading it, as usual, to ensure an even spread of water into the slime. However, make sure Less than a spoon of water can be used to soften the slime. Make sure you do not add more than that. Else it will turn into a jiggly slime.

2. Sanitizer

Sanitizers aren’t just helpful in killing germs but they can come in handy in restoring the texture of your slime too. Pour two drops of an alcohol-based sanitizer on your slime and knead it slowly till you get the desired texture. You can increase or decrease the quantity of sanitizer to be added based on the condition of your slime. A drop or two of sanitizer can help in softening the slime. Knead it in slowly.

3. Lotion

It is a popular belief that lotions can help in restoring the soft texture of a hard slime with its moisturizing properties. Choose any moisturizing lotion and pour a drop of it on the slime and knead it well. If you don’t get the favorable texture, add more lotion and continue kneading.

4. Glue

If you created your slime at home with a glue-based recipe, adding more glue to the slime can bring back the original texture. Make sure to use the same glue as you used when DIYing the slime recipe.

More Slime Care Instructions

  1. Always clean your hands before you take the slime out of the container as dirty hands can impart dirt and dust to the slime that can further deteriorate the texture of the slime.
  2. Before kneading the slime, you must have a activator ready with you. Add the activator and knead again till you get the likable texture.
  3. If the slime is too sticky it could be due to the fact that the slime is too cold. Kneading it with your fingers and palm will impart enough heat to remove the stickiness.
  4. Always store the slime in a container and do not leave it out for long durations after playing.
  5. Store the slime in a cool, dry place.
  6. If your slime melts, place it in the fridge for 30 minutes before reactivating.

Shelf Life of Slime

Slime usually melts with time and cannot be played with after a specific period of time. If you take good and regular care of your slime, it can last you for up to six months. And if left unattended for days, the slime will be anything but good.

These were some of the slime care instructions that you should know to take proper care of your slime. Taking proper care of slime can increase the shelf life. Keep on reactivating every few days to keep it stretchy and in the right consistency.


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