Sharpen Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil

Planning to cut your hair at home? Sharpen the hair scissors with aluminum foil to ensure easy and straight hair cut without thinking about split ends!

Sharpen Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil1

A pair of hair scissors is an essential tool for every person involved in the haircutting and hairstyling business or even someone planning to cut hair at home. However, with time, scissors become dull and their ends become jagged. When you use such a blunt scissor to cut your hair, it can lead to split ends. Therefore it’s necessary to use sharp scissors for hair cutting. Instead of replacing your blunt scissor with a new pair, sharpen the hair scissors with aluminum foil at home!

Why Aluminum Foil?

Sharpen Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil2

Aluminum foil is an affordable tool to sharpen the hair scissors or any pair of scissors to be fair. It is an excellent tool for all who do not have whetstones or do not want to involve in any complicated method related to the sharpening of scissors. It is also inexpensive and readily available at home. When you cut a thick layer of aluminum foil with your scissors, the foil removes any cruds and burrs on it. This, in turn, sharpens your scissors a bit.

Sharpen The Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil

Sharpen Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil 11

Step 1: Clean the Scissors

Rub and clean the scissor’s blades with a wet paper towel. It’s advisable to wet the paper towel in lukewarm water. This will clean off the dirt and debris from your blade and prepare it better for the sharpening process.

Step 2: Fold Aluminum Foil

Take a large piece of aluminum foil and fold it by its width. The ultimate goal is to create a thick sheet of aluminum foil. It should be at least 10-12 folds in thickness. The length of the sheet should be much larger than your scissor so that you can cut all the way from tip to end of the scissors.

Step 4: Cut the Aluminum Foil Strips

First, run the aluminum foil through your scissors’ blades in slow motion. After doing it for quite a few time, start cutting the aluminum foil in strips. Remember to cut thin strips as you want to cut the foil as many times as you can. You have to use the full scissor strokes, which means start cutting from the scissors’ base and extend it to its tip. 

Step 5: Wipe the Scissor Blades

Finally, wipe the scissor blades downward by using a damp paper towel. Again, you must use warm water to dampen the towel for better results. This step will help you remove any extra cruds or burrs on the blades.

Aluminum foil is an effective way to sharpen the hair scissors. However, you should always make sure that the aluminum foil has enough thickness to create the resistance required for cutting. 

Other Simple Ways to Sharpen Hair Scissors at Home

1. Sand Paper

Sandpaper for blade sharpening

A strip of sandpaper can also help you sharpen your pair of scissors. For the trick to work, rub the rough side of the sandpaper on the edges. This process may, however, leave scratch marks on the surface of your blades. Alternatively, you can cut thin strips of the sandpaper to sharpen the scissors.

2. Whetting Stone

Sharpen Hair Scissors with Aluminum Foil3

If you have a whetting stone at home, it can be a gateway to sharp scissors in no time. All you have to do is to rub the edges of your blades against the stone until the scissor is sharp again. If you don’t have a whetting stone at home, below are some options to consider:

2. Steel Wool

Steel wool

Like the aluminum foil, the steel wool sharpens your scissors’ edges when you repeatedly cut through it. The abrasive properties of the steel wool are the same as the foil. 


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