4 Rice Water Benefits for Hair Nourishment

If you’re struggling with brittle, dry, and frizzy hair, try rice water to cure them once and for all. Here are rice water benefits for hair for you to know!

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair1

It’s pretty obvious that hair products, however natural they claim to be, leave drastic effects on hairs in the long run. No matter how many branded hair products you try, they can never do any good from within. Hence, there’s a need to give a try to natural products that can shoot up your hair growth and check its overall health. One such remedy is to add rice water to your hair care regime on a regular basis. Rice water is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that penetrate deep into the shaft and heals every issue. Below are some rice water benefits for hair that you can look to for a better hair condition.

Rice Water Benefits For Hair

1. Promotes hair growth

Promotes Hair Growth

Nutrients are essentials for your hair follicles to grow and rice water consist of many essential nutrients. It also contains 18 different types of amino acids that are effective in increasing keratin content in your hair. Keratin is a protein essential to maintain the structure of your hair. If you’re struggling with frizzy and dry hair, you can use this miraculous water once a week to improve your hair quality.

2. Eliminates dandruff and flakes

Fermented rice water can be effective in countering the mundane problem of dandruff and flakes with a few usages. It reduces the growth of the dandruff-causing fungus besides restoring moisture in your scalp. This induces it to keep flakes, scales, and dry scalp conditions at bay.

3. Adds shine and luster

Adds shine

Applying rice water to your hair can make it look shiny, smooth, and lustrous without having to use any serum. It also adds a layer of protection to your hair to safeguard it from environmental dust and pollution. You can use it as a serum before using any heat methods over the hair to reduce the damage from the excess heat. Pour rice water onto your hair after shampooing and conditioning and rinse off with cold water after five minutes.

4. Strengthens hair

If your hair is prone to damage and breakage, use rice water to strengthen it from deep within. The amino acids present in the water help to secure the hair roots and inositol will strengthen the hair shafts. For breakage, rice water will make the hair tangle-free; ultimately resulting in less breakage.

How to make rice water?

Below are some of the ways you can make rice water to get its maximum benefits:

1. Soaking

Take half a cup of uncooked rice in a bowl. Wash it once to remove small stones and other impurities. Soak the rice in 2-3 cups of water and let sit for 20 minutes at least. Now, stir the water until the water becomes cloudy and strain the water into another bowl. Use this rice water as your home remedy to a healthier and smoother hair.

2.  Boiling

Fill a bowl with one part uncooked rice and four parts water and cook it on medium heat. Remember not to overcook it, cook until the rice becomes soft but not too mushy. Strain the water into a separate bowl and add more water to it to get enough of it to cover your hair.

3. Fermenting

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair2

Leave half a cup of uncooked rice in a bowl with water for a day at least. It might smell bad, you can add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to balance the smell. After 24 hours, strain the water and transfer it into a jar. To use, simply dilute it by adding more water to it. You can refrigerate this water for 2-4 days at max.

An amazing fact about using rice water for hair

Though using rice water for hair care is gaining popularity in recent times, it turns out that women in ancient China and Japan practiced this method to ensure good hair health. In fact, the Red Yao tribe women in Huangluo village in China continue to use rice water for their hair daily, to this day. The women in this village have an average hair length of 6 feet! No wonder Guinness book of world records has named this village as “the world’s longest hair village”.


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