24 Recycled Craft Ideas For Home To Try

Upcycle your old junk into making any of the following recycled craft ideas for home. These give you a unique creation without spending any large amount.

1. Tin Can Pencil Organizers

Tin Can Pencil Organizer

Upcycle an old tin can to purpose it into making a holder to keep your craft pencils, pens, and markers in place. Visit Fave Crafts to know the DIY in detail.

2. DIY Recycled Hanging Planter

Take a step toward the betterment of the environment and instead of dumping plastic bottle in waste, reuse them in making these hanging planters. Watch the video to know the step-by-step tutorial.

3. DIY Recycled Cardboard Marble Maze

Cardboard Marble Maze

A maze game is a perfect source to let your kids kills time fast without bothering you when they’re free and in a playful mood. Visit Hello Wonderful for the directions.

4. Paper Mache Pots

Paper Mache Pots

Provide a thrifty makeover to plastic containers using the paper mache technique with vibrant pages from magazines. Have a look at this DIY.

5. Fairy House Night Lights

Fairy House Night Lights

Engage your little girls in making this fairy house night lights using recycled plastic bottles and other embellishments. This idea is available at Crafts By Amanda.

6. Recycled Craft Ideas For Home

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home1

A fun tic-tac-toe game is enough to fill a picnic evening with enthusiasm and lots of smiles. You’ll need ten bottle caps, sharpie, small sack, ruler, and this tutorial to help you with the craft.

7. DIY Plastic Bottle Jewelry Organizer

Recycling plastic bottles not just aids environmental health but can also give you some useful items for your home at budget. Organize your jewelry in a box with this bottle jewelry organizer.

8. Recycled Book Page Wreath

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home2

This DIY is the right way to cut down paper waste in your home by putting them into making this page wreath. Check out the step-by-step in detail here.

9. Recycled Duck Tape Storage Boxes

Duck Tape Storage Boxes

Recycle empty cereal boxes with duct tape to store craft essentials and declutter the working desk with ease. DIY Inspired has the tutorial.

10. Recycled Craft Ideas For HomeRecycled Craft Ideas For Home3

As the Halloween season is approaching, it’s time to think out of the box to create a unique outfit for you and your kids. In today’s modern era, what’s better than a sci-fi rocket jet pack!

11. Rustic Picture Frame Using Recycled Wine Corks

Wine Cork Picture Frame

Recycle wine corks from your last party and put them into a fancy and rustic picture frame with this easy tutorial by Decoist.

12. DIY Back To School Homework Caddy

Back To School Caddy

Get rid of your kid’s school supplies clutter by simply transforming a few cardboard cartons into a caddy. Aunt Peaches has the tutorial.

13. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

A few toilet paper rolls can be an efficient wall decor without much hasle and limited supplies; plus it doesn’t take much time! Have a look here.

14. Recycled Craft Ideas For HomeRecycled Craft Ideas For Home4

If you’re looking for a fun and quick craft idea to do with your kids, this snowflake craft is what you need! Cut a large paper snowflake and start stamping with a wine cork, simple!

15. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home5

Organize your desk supplies with seperate partition for everything you use by recycling a cereal box into making the dividers. Visit I Heart Organizing.

16. DIY Recycled Lotion Bottle Cell Charging Holder

Phone Charging Holder

Prevent your phone from hanging down from the charging outlet with a holder to hold it in place with a slot for the charging pins. You can refer to the step-by-step here.

17. Playing Cards Storage Solution

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home6

Ditch the original packaging of playing cards that get’s torn with time and make a permanent solution to store them in an Ikea container.

18. DIY Vertical Gardening With Recycled Plastic Bottle

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

The perfect way to put numerous plastic bottles into an environmental use is turning them into a vertical garden instead. More information is here.

19. DIY Recycle Christmas Cards Into a Garland

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home7

Transform last year’s holiday cards into a thrifty yet attractive garland to kick start your festive decoration. This idea is available at Inhabitat.

20. $5 DIY Egg Carton Lamp

Egg Carton Lamp

Who knew egg cartons can be much more than what it looks! This DIY egg carton lamp is sure to catch everyone’s attention towards your creativity skills!

21. Recycled Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder

Paint a wine bottle with spray paint, keep it on a plate and you have your jewelry holder ready in no time. The neck of the bottle will hold your bangles while the plate takes care of other pieces. The inspiration post is here.

22. Water Bottle Flowers Craft for Kids

Recycled Craft Ideas For Home8

Cut the bottom of a bottle, color it and attach it to a straw with some paper-cut leaves, that’s all. An easy craft for kids to try on a free evening!

23. Paper Plate Clock Craft

Paper Plate Clock

Though not functional, this paper plate clock can be a great educational craft to teach your kids about the functioning of a clock. Visit Spruce Crafts.

24. No-Sew Zippper Cases From Old Soda Bottle

No-Sew Zippper Cases From Old Soda Bottle

Organize crayons, sharpies, pencil colors, pencil, and pens inside a no-sew zipper case made from bottle and zip. Check it out at Makeit And Loveit.

You can innovate some of the Recycled Craft Ideas For Home by yourself and add a personal touch to it. If you happen to DIY something unique, feel free to share with us in the comments below.


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