Quick and Easy DIY Salt Dough Recipe | How to Make Salt Dough Crafts

Salt Dough is a great source for making various ornaments and crafts with your kids. Making it is also not difficult since you can create it within 10 minutes using just 3 homely ingredients!


  1. 2 Cups Flour
  2. 1 Cup Salt
  3. 3/4th Cup Water
  4. A Container


1. Salt and Flour

Mix 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt in a medium-size container.

2. Water

Add water to the mixture.

3. Mix

Once you add water, mix the mixture using a wooden spoon. You have to make a dough out of the mixture, so add water and mix the ingredients until you get a soft dough. You can also use your hands to knead the dough well.

4. Ready!

This is how your dough should look like.

5. Spread

Turn the dough onto a flat surface (such as a chopping board) and knead it with your hands until smooth.

6. Creations

Once you complete the kneading step, start creating your creations from salt dough. You can either use molds or create things with your hands.

Once done, place the creations in the oven at 180C. The thickness of the salt dough regulates the amount of time you should set. 

7. Color

Now that your salt dough creations are hard, you can paint them. Choose acrylic paint to do this step.

8. Finish

Voila! New homemade toys for your kids are ready! Create exceptional things with the same steps using your creativity. You can also make home decor items or crafts with salt dough, visit here for the ideas.

9. Tips

  • Involve your kids in the DIY to enhance their creative skills.
  • If oven drying is an issue, the salt dough can also be air dried for about 1-2 days.
  • Paint the creations with acrylic paint and use varnish spray to seal the paint.


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