13 Extraordinary Perler Beads Ideas for Father’s Day Surprise

Follow any of these Perler beads ideas for Father’s day and surprise your dad with the love and warmth of a handmade present! All these ideas are basic and easy to create.

Perler Beads Ideas for Father’s Day Surprise

1. Dad is Your King

Perler Beads Ideas for Father's Day1

For kids, their father is no less than a superhero or a king, and let them express this through this Dad is king Perler bead design. Make a small bag-shaped design with the words dad and a pattern of a crown over it. It will surely show how much respect and love the kids have for their father.

2. I Love Dad

I Love Dad

Let your father know that you love them with this beautiful Perler bead design inscribed with the words “I heart dad“. It is not every day that your father gets to hear it, but this will always remind him of your love for him.

3. I Love Papa

I Love Papa

For a more intricate pattern, you can take inspiration from this tutorial to make a nice “I love you papa” hanging. You can customize it by changing the word ‘papa’ with what you call him lovingly.

4. Characters

Perler Beads Ideas for Father's Day Surprise2

Another unique and creative way to show love for all the things that your father does for you, you can make characters using Perler beads representing different superheroes. You can use it to make a whole set depicting the various roles your father plays in your life.

5. Perler Bead Bowl

Perler Bead Bowl

Follow this tutorial to make a cute little bowl for your dad using Perler beads. This vibrant and unique-looking bowl can be used to keep your father’s stuff in one place, or even just for use as a decoration item.

6. Coasters

Coasters  for dad

This tutorial shows how you can make coasters in different shapes, colors, and sizes using Perler beads. You can make it in random designs or make personalized patterns such as a set of coasters with alphabets of his name in each or a short message for your father.

7. Dad Coasters

Perler Beads Ideas for Father's Day Surprise3

Another tutorial to make personalized coasters, this idea shows how you can make these cute little keepsake coasters with the word DAD written over them. This is a fun activity for kids and works perfectly as a unique and customized father’s day gift.

8. Golf Markers

Golf Markers

If your father is a fan of golf then this is a perfect gift for him. Easy to make, these cute and colorful Perler bead golf markers work as great personalized gifts for a golfer.

9. Superhero Art

Superhero Dad

Show your father that he is a superhero to you with this tutorial that guides you to make a superhero keepsake for your father. Make it in the shape of a superhero, and inscribe the words ‘dad’ along with it. Your father will definitely love this cute little reminder.

10. Father’s Day Banner

Father's Day Banner

If you are going for more creative use of the Perler beads and have time to spend, then you can create this whole banner celebrating Father’s day. Add different fun shapes to the banner and any message that you want to pass on to your father.

11. Change Holder

DIY Change Holder

Perler beads are quite durable and hence, you can try making a beautiful, vibrant bowl that your dad can use to hold loose money or any other small stuff. It is a brightly colored bowl that can be a perfect addition to the home or office decoration reminding of the cute gesture.

12. Perler Bead Shirt

If you would like to keep it simple yet make an impact and bring a smile to your dad’s face, try replicating his real-life favorite shirt into a Perler bead shirt!

13. Coaster Cum Drink Cover

Perler Beads Ideas for Father's Day Surprise6

Not only a coaster, this DIY Perler bead father’s day craft will work as a drink cover as well. If your father is a fan of beverages, this might be the best choice for him! Check out the tutorial here.


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