16 Paper Plate Award Ideas for the Office

Want to honor your wonderful coworkers in a fun and cost-effective way? Go with these Paper Plate Award Ideas!

These Paper Plate Award Ideas for the Office will allow you to recognize your team’s personalities and talents in a fun way.

Paper Plate Award Ideas for the Office

1. Culinary Arts Award

For the coworker who is always full of enthusiasm and brings food for everyone at the office.

2. Best Manager Paper Plate Award

For the brilliant problem solver who continually generates novel ideas and solutions and helps everyone out.

3. Sweetest Coworker Award

For the pleasant and friendly colleague that makes everyone’s day with their cheerful attitude and helpfulness.

4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

For the team that continuously works successfully and achieves incredible results together. Write a note to honor their shared success.

5. Paper Plate Award for the Best Employee

For the visionary thinker who brings unique ideas to the table and can do handle any task you throw at them.

6. Team Spirit Award

This one is for the person who approaches issues with a cheerful attitude and always finds a solution.

7. Communication King/Queen Award

An award for the master communicator who can express themselves clearly and efficiently. And is often found talking to colleagues.

8. The Best Humor Trophy

A fun award for the joker of the office who always makes everyone laugh and helps lift their mood.

9. The Growth Guru

Don’t leave out the new joiners or interns; give this one to the shining star of that group.

10. Ray of Sunshine

What a way to honor an employee that focuses on the positive and keeps moving forward.

11. Busy Bee Award

For the team member who makes significant contributions behind the scenes by sticking to work most of the time.

12. Personalized Plate Awards

Don’t leave anyone out. Take inspiration from this idea and find out what each person is good at and give them a paper plate award.

13. Off the Grid

Do you have an employee who doesn’t turn the camera on in meetings and doesn’t respond to messages? Here’s an award you can give them.

14. Most Improved Player Award

This award is for a colleague who has demonstrated great progress and development.

15. Class Clown Award

Class clown awards aren’t just for students. You can give them in the office, too, to the person who risks their job so you can get a laugh.

16. Always Reliable Award Idea

Have a person you can always rely on to complete the task on schedule and to a high standard?

The value lies in heartfelt messages, not fancy materials. Your fun awards will show genuine appreciation for the achievements of your employees. Happy crafting!


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