15 Paper Mache Pumpkin | DIY Pumpkin Ideas

Unveil the art of paper mache for DIYing a handmade pumpkin and ignite your spirit for the fall and holiday season!

1. Paper Mache Pumpkin Idea

Paper Mache Pumpkin1

A pumpkin as unique as an original one but will last longer and you can create a bunch quickly! The paper mache pumpkin idea is here for inspiration.

2. DIY Pumpkin At Home

You don’t require any extensive skills or supplies to recreate this pumpkin DIY idea. Watch the detailed tutorial to know more!

3. Easy Pumpkin DIY

This pumpkin DIY idea has defined edges that make it no less than a real pumpkin, at least in looks! More details are in the video.

4. Scary Pumpkin DIY

If ordinary pumpkins don’t excite you enough, this scary version of paper mache pumpkin is the best idea for you!

5. DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Are you against wasting pumpkins during the holiday season just for decor? Well, paper mache pumpkins are the answer to maintaining tradition and not wasting food.

6. Paper Mache Pumpkins

Combine creativity with technique to create a unique paper mache pumpkin at home in no time. Include your kids in this activity to ignite their creative side!

7. Cheap Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin2

Making a DIY pumpkin at home will not only reduce food wastage but it will be light on your pocket as well!

8. Easy Paper Mache Pumpkin

DIY a pumpkin as small or as large as you want with this easy idea. With handmade paper mache pumpkins, you’ll always be at an advantage to create the decor you like!

9. Decorative Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin3

Use decorative paper to coat your homemade pumpkins and give them an altogether unique appeal. The fun part is that you can customize the pumpkin as per your kid’s imagination.

10. Pumpkin out of Paper

You just need a balloon, Mod Podge, and some twine to recreate this crafty idea with your kids for a fun evening activity.

11. Scary Pumpkin Monster

Paper Mache Pumpkin4

Carve scary faces out of your pumpkin to bring the Halloween vibe back to life. Or light up your DIY pumpkins with neon lights so that they glow in the dark!

12. Paper Mache Pumpkin Masterpiece

Create your own whimsical Paper Mache Pumpkin masterpiece with this fun and easy DIY project! All Halloween enthusiasts must be exhilarated with these ideas.

13. How-To Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin5

Increase your kid’s creativity by involving them in DIYs like this, where they can put their skills to life! Ask them how they want their pumpkin to be and let them take control.

14. Beach Ball Pumpkin

Use a beach ball as your pumpkin stencil and create your own festive fall decor on a budget that will last as long as next fall!

15. Recycled Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin6

The production and disposal of pumpkins can have environmental implications, as they contribute to waste and may not be recycled or composted properly in some areas. Therefore, it’s always best to make DIY paper mache pumpkin.


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