Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial | How to Make a Paper Wreath

Follow this easy step-by-step paper flower wreath tutorial to recycle waste paper from your craft supplies. This how to make a paper wreath tutorial is simple to understand and a great project to shoot up your 2019 DIY spirit!

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 1


  1. Fiberboard (Corrugated)
  2. Thick Black Paper
  3. Acrylic Paint Or Spray Paint
  4. White Print Paper (8 to 10 pieces)
  5. String Lights

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial

1. Cardboard Piece

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 2

Select a thick corrugated fiberboard piece and cut a circle out of it. The measurements of the above piece are 6 cm to the outer circle and 3 cm to the inner round. You might face trouble cutting the perfect circle just as we did, don’t worry it’s fine with the imperfections as well.

2. Cover

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 3

Place the back side of the wreath base onto a black colored paper, cut it and paste it to the base. Make sure that the paper you use is thick enough to add a layer of protection to the board.

3. Color It (Optional)

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 4

This step is optional, but if you wish to hide the cardboard base of your wreath, you can paint it with some acrylic paint. You can use the spray paint as well, be sure to protect your working area with a cloth or waste paper to not mess it with paint.

4. Fold The Paper

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 5

Tear an A4 size sheet roughly into half and fold it into a cone. To explain it better- press the sheet from the middle and fold it in a cone shape. Once you get a cone, fold the bottom a bit.

5. Glue It To The Base

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 6

Glue the folded part of the cone to the wreath base using hot glue or any other strong adhesive. Repeat step four and five until you cover the base completely with paper cones.

6. Cover The Base

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 7

This is how your wreath should look like once it gets completely covered with the paper cones. If in case any of the cones fall, glue it to the base and to the adjacent cone to ensure it’s sturdiness.

7. Install The String Light

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 8

Finish off your paper flower wreath by wrapping it with a fairy or string light. You can keep it simple with one string light or try a combination of light.

8. Light It Up

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 9

Your paper flower wreath from waste material is all ready to light up a romantic evening in your home.

9. Hang It On The Wall

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial 10

Hang it in a favorable place, near a dining setting or display it on your front door. It creates a charismatic surrounding without much materials being used. We hope that this paper flower wreath tutorial was inspiring enough to incline you more towards recycling. The more you recycle the more you contribute to making the earth better!


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