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Love doing crafts? This page is all about easy to do crafts and DIY ideas which you do with minimal supplies!

How to Fix Really Hard Slime | Tips to Fix Hard Slime

Learn what to do when your slime becomes too tough or hard with these tips and tricks on how to fix really hard slime.

14 Creative and Practical Uses for Pistachio Shells

Reuse pistachio shells into many productive and practical crafts and other home DIYs with these uses for pistachio shells. What is so special about the...

26 How To Make A Headband Holder DIY

If you are a fan of hair accessories, then chances are you love and own a lot of headbands! Organize them with these how to make a headband holder...

11 Slime Add Ins | Things To Add To Slime

Know what can be added to slime to make it better and more fun to play with by adding the following slime Add Ins!

19 Bowl Painting Ideas | Bowl Painting Fun Ideas

Bored with your regular bowls at home? In this article, we are going to discuss 19 DIY bowl painting ideas to spruce up your kitchen and home!

11 Slime Party Ideas | Slime Ideas For Messy Parties

Host the best kind of messy parties with these fun slime party ideas! Know all about the perfect tips and tricks for your slime party! 1. Birthday Party Step...

16 Baseball Decoration Ideas For Your Love For The Game

If you are looking for interesting ideas to incorporate your love of the game in your life, try these amazing DIY baseball decoration ideas. 1....

How Do You Fix Slime That Breaks Apart

A complete guide to know what makes the fun slime break! Perfect your slime recipes and know how do you fix a slime that breaks apart.

DIY Laptop Skin Ideas To Protect And Decorate Laptop

Protect your laptop from scratches and dirt while decorating it with custom prints by using these DIY laptop skin ideas.  1. Adhesive Vinyl Laptop Skin Get this exact design printable at this site...

59 Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas | Christmas Room Decor

Find out the best Christmas decorating on a budget ideas in 2020 in this inspiring post! It has got everything to get your home ready for the big event. 1. Hang Ornaments...

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