Organizing Your Kitchen | How To Reduce Clutter To Reduce Stress

Learn How To Reduce Clutter To Reduce Stress of the daily household chores!

1. Utilize hidden storage spaces

In order to reduce clutter from the visible areas of your kitchen (like counter space) is to store the things that are not often used in some other place. When we say “things not often in use”, we mean the coffee maker, toaster or other appliances. This gives you an extra amount of space without having to compromise with the number of things in your kitchen. Here are some ideas.

2. Make Use of Walls

Never underestimate the presence of walls around you in your kitchen, they are there with a purpose except for dividing rooms! Arrange for a hanging basket or some sort of magnetic wall strip to manage space. Hang your knives on the wall or keep them in place– drawers. Use baskets to store fruits and vegetables and not put them on the counter.

3. Minimalize your kitchen

Make your kitchen minimalistic by keeping your tools, cutlery, dishes, and appliances to a minimum. Remember always that clutter occurs when there is more than enough of something. There’s no point in keeping things that are not of immense importance to you.

4. Clean before you start to work

Every time you go to work in the kitchen, take a few minutes to clean up the mess you created earlier. It gives you extra space to work in.

5. Spend 10 minutes decluttering at night

Before going to bed, spend 10 minutes to declutter the mess around your kitchen to enjoy an energizing vibe in the morning.

6. Follow “one in, one out” Rule

For everything new to enter the space, something old needs to go out. This maintains the balance of the kitchen and helps to coordinate the clutter.

7. Do A Chore A Day

To maintain a clutter-free kitchen you need to value tidiness. Clean your kitchen every day rather than once a month. Just do a little cleaning every day, and you are good to go!

8. Good To Have A Messy Space

Choose one shelf where you can throw something until you find a better purpose or place for it. Like every diet comes with a cheat day, every clutter-free kitchen comes with a messy spot. It’s okay to have a hidden messy drawer for yourself to throw everything useless.

9. Remove Unused Grocery Bags

Get rid of extra grocery bags, either donate them or store them somewhere outside your kitchen. An average person owes more bags than what they actually need. We recommend you to get rid of them as soon as possible.

10. Remove barely used cookbooks

Now we know that cookbooks are extremely helpful to you but what if they are occupying much space? Throw/donate some of the books or all of them as the internet will support you without taking space.

11. Bonus Tips

Get rid of extra salt and pepper shakers to manage space in your kitchen. Allot a special area of cleaning clothes so that they don’t lie on your counter.


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