14 Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas | Decorating Outdoors with Lights

Here are 14 Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a bright and beautiful outdoor decoration!

1. Patio String Lights

Outdoor Lighting 1

Patio string lights look good in every occasion and give a perfect look to your backyard. Hanging patio lights in your yard can turn everyone’s mood great! Here’s the full guide.

2. Outdoor Grapevine Chandelier

Outdoor Lighting 2

Hang this great looking, inexpensive and pretty easy to make chandelier in your garden or above your outdoor table. You will need large grapevine or twig wreath for this. Follow here.

3. Beautiful Dixie Cup Garland

Outdoor Lighting 3

This one is a quick DIY and looks super cute after applying lights to it. Perfect for weddings, parties, get-together or anything unusual. Follow the detailed DIY idea here.

4. Outdoor Mason Light Jar

Outdoor Lighting 4

If you need a new outdoor light, then this is the perfect match. It’s effortless to build and looks fantastic even in the daylight. It’s ideal for a covered porch. Make your own Mason Light Jar.

5. Outdoor GrapeVine Ball chandelier

Outdoor Lighting 5

Hanging these grapevine ball chandelier will undoubtedly improve the ambiance of your outdoor space. This looks best with cute little lights and is easy to make. Look at the details here.

6. Outdoor Glass Globe Hanging Light

Outdoor Lighting 6

This one gets attention pretty quickly and will surely turn heads. You will need some Prismatic glass globe for this; it’s pretty easy to make. Here are the directions.

7. Citronella Candles

Outdoor Lighting 7

This idea serves two purposes- outdoor candles and acts as insect repellant too. Make your citronella candles using wax, glass container, and candle wicks. Also, check out these DIY candle decoration ideas.

8. Copper Patio Torch

Outdoor Lighting 8

If you have copper pipes with you, then you must try this project. You can use them to make this beautiful looking tiki-torch arrangement in your yard. Check the details here.

9. Tabletop Fire Bowl

Outdoor Lighting 9

This might not be the easiest DIY idea, but surely is one of the most beautiful outdoor lighting ideas. Here’s the full tutorial.

10. LED Deck Lights

Outdoor Lighting 10

Purchasing these are expensive, try this DIY instead. Make your own LED Deck lights at low cost by following this tutorial.

11. DIY Lanterns

Outdoor Lighting 11

The perfect use of old lanterns is here. Turn them into something remarkable by using solar panels; you can skip that part if you want. These lanterns are beautiful and comfortable to make. Make your own by following the tutorial.

12. Beautiful Rope Lights

Outdoor Lighting 12

Rope Lights are the best for highlighting the path; you can use them as landscape lights, under the railings and almost anywhere. Here are some genius ideas to get you started.

13. Fire Pit without Fire

Outdoor Lighting 13

This one uses string lights and intelligently transforms them to make a flameless fire pit! Click here.

14. DIY Waterdrop Lights

Outdoor Lighting 14

These are solar powered drop lights and looks impressive when completed. It’s probably not a beginner’s cup of tea but is so charming to resist! Check this out.


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