Marbling with acrylic paint is a method of fluid surface design which produces similar patterns as a stone or smooth marble. DIY Paper marbling has always been one of the most interesting and creative art projects. There are numerous methods used for marbling papers, among those techniques the easiest and cheapest is using shaving cream and acrylic paint. It can be used to make customized greeting cards, invitation cards or they can be used as bookbinding, book covers etc. “Be cautious to not to do this project near heat or fire as a shaving cream is highly inflammable and can catch fire in a second.”

Here’s how to make Marble Paper:


  1. Shaving Foam
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Dropper
  4. Rectangular Cardboard
    (for spreading)
  5. Thick white paper


  1. Fill a rectangular shallow container with shaving foam and spread evenly using a brush.

2. Using a dropper, pour colors on the shaving foam. Use contrasting colors to make your marble paper more attractive.

3. Gently press the thick white paper onto the surface of shaving foam and leave it for thirty seconds or a minute.

4. Scrap the shaving foam from the paper using a thick cardboard piece. (You can use any object with a straight edge)

5. Let the paper dry for about 30 minutes or an hour.

Your marble paper is ready to use. Try this amazing idea with your kids and to make it more exciting let them do this project.

Check out the video tutorial:


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