Macrame Lighter Holder Tutorial | Lighter Holder DIYs

Learn how you can DIY a macrame holder for your lighter and save it from scracthes and damage by referring to these macrame lighter holder tutorial ideas!

Macrame Lighter Holder Tutorial

1. Colourful Macrame Holder

An easy-to-follow tutorial, this idea explains in detail all the steps to make a cute little lighter holder in different shades. You can make these even if you are a beginner. It is ideal to hold a small size lighter and you can add little embellishments to it as well.

2. Macrame Necklace

Do not lose your lighter next time with this lighter necklace that you can use with a macrame. It works as a perfect accessory and looks quite pretty as well. Apart from the lighter itself, you can even use this holder to keep small loose things.

3. Paracord Lighter Wrap

Make a nice zigzag lighter wrap with paracords of two different colors. This vibrant wrap can be made by fusing two of the paracords together and wrapping it around the lighter in a pattern. Follow the video for a detailed step-by-step process.

4. Weaved Paracord Lighter

Macrame Lighter Holder Tutorial1

Weave paracord around your lighter to successfully wrap it under protection and save it from scratches or other damages. This idea is easy to follow that makes it a great DIY for covering different lighters. Make a set of these lighter wraps at one go and save them for reuse anytime in the future.

5. Lighter Wrap

Paracords works great as lighter wraps, and this tutorial shows another unique way of making one. This reusable wrap reduces the chances of you losing the lighter. You can make it in a single shade, or use a multi-color paracord for this beautiful vibrant lighter wraps.

Lighter Holder DIYs

6. Leather Lighter Case

If you wish to make a classy and stylish lighter cover with leather, this idea is the right choice. It is classy, modern, and easy to make and will keep the lighter safe. Besides, you may use it as a key chain as well.

7. A Louis Vuitton lighter case

DIY a Louis Vuitton lighter case at home that is not only stylish but serves its purpose quite well. You may reuse an old leather to make this leather lighter case and engrave or draw a Loius Vuitton brand mark on it. Otherwise, you can buy a leather fabric with the print.

8. Black Lighter Case

A black lighter case goes with everything, and you can DIY one using this easy-to-follow tutorial. Besides, if you struggle to do the right measurement, this video shares some insights and tips for achieving the perfect size for the case.

9. Quick Leather Case

A leather case looks classy and elegant for holding lighters, and as you keep using it, the case develops a beautiful texture. Combine two things in one by adding a key holder in the lighter case. Go through the video to find some help with the directions.

10. Polymer Clay Lighter

Polymer clay provides flexibility in different shades, textures and is open to lots of creativity. You can DIY a personalized lighter case for yourself, using polymer clay with custom designs that you like.

11. Patterned Leather Case

Instead of making a basic leather lighter case, you can uplift it by stitching a patterned fabric over it. It is stylish, elegant, and has a personal touch as opposed to the basic lighter cases. This fabric could even have your initials over it.


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