Jasmine Tea Benefits for Skin | How To Brew Jasmine Tea

Did you know, the delicate aroma and flavors of jasmine tea have redeeming qualities for your skin? Here are jasmine tea benefits for skin that will lure you to incorporate this tea in your skincare regime.

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With the beauty trend’s focus shifting to healthier skin over flawless makeup, it has become imperative to know products that can help you achieve healthy skin. One such natural and miraculous drink is jasmine tea. Not only does it promote clear, supple skin, but it is also an elixir for your overall health. Read some jasmine tea benefits for the skin below.

What is Jasmine Tea

As the name suggests, jasmine tea is the tea made from brewing the jasmine flowers, buds, and leaves. There are various forms of jasmine teas, the most popular ones being green jasmine tea, white jasmine tea, jasmine oolong tea, and black jasmine tea. Jasmine tea flavors are subtle and delicate; however, the flavor profile also depends on the ratio you use to make the tea.

How To Make Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea with a larger quantity of jasmine buds than the leaves will be subtle in flavor. Similarly, tea with a more substantial proportion of jasmine leaves than the buds will be stronger and a little bitter. Even as the taste of both the preparations differs, their benefits remain the same.
For a traditional cup of jasmine tea, one simply steeps the buds or leaves in filtered hot water (simmering not boiling) for a few minutes.

Brewing guide

Brewing tea guide

Hot jasmine tea

Brew a jasmine tea bag or 1.5 teaspoons of loose tea or floral pearl for three minutes in half cup simmering water. The measurements are ideal for one cup of tea.

Cold Jasmine Tea

You have to steep 1.5 teaspoons of loose jasmine tea in cold water for at least 12 hours for a delicious glass of cold jasmine tea. Not only does cold jasmine tea tastes refreshing, but it is also a healthier beverage option than sodas. You can add honey to the drink to sweeten it.

Jasmine tea Benefits For Skin

1. Helps you get Healthier Skin

Amongst the most prominent benefits of consuming jasmine tea is that it helps increase the metabolism rate. Increased metabolism rate helps burn calories faster, and as a result, your digestive system works better as well. Better metabolism and digestive system help you get clear, healthy skin. Jasmine tea thus is an excellent natural concoction to assist you with weight-loss and radiant skin.

2. Has Anti-Aging Properties

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The components and nutrients in jasmine tea create a healthy barrier for your skin and shrink the pores on your face. These properties protect your face from free radicals and pollutants that are a significant cause of premature aging in skin. The tea thus helps reduce and prevent signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Improves the Skin Texture and Tone

The oil present in the jasmine flower and leaves is released in the brewed water/tea. Not only does this oil helps you get an even skin-tone, but it also works on reducing dark spots on the skin. In simple words, regular consumption or application of jasmine tea helps you get flawless skin and complexion.

4. Moisturizes the skin

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The natural tea helps restore and balance the excess oil secretion of your skin and flushes out the toxins. In addition to removing the toxins and excess oil from the skin, the tea provides moisture that does not obstruct the pores, resulting in clear, radiant skin.

5. Has Aromatic Benefits

The soothing aroma of jasmine tea relieves stress not only from your body but from the skin as well. The scent lifts your senses and, besides, supports your skin.

Apart from drinking jasmine tea, you can use it for your skin in different ways as well. You can use jasmine steeped water as a natural toner for your skin. The unstrained and cooled tea can be used as a gentle exfoliator as well.
Relish the health and jasmine tea benefits for skin today. Let us know how jasmine tea helped your skin.


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