Is Vitamin E Good for Lips | Vitamin E for Lips

Is vitamin E good for lips? Learn more about how or whether you can use Vitamin E for lips or not in this detailed article.

Vitamin E is one of the most common ingredients found in skin care products and various DIYs whenever you look for skincare. A natural antioxidant, Vitamin E helps in cell regeneration and getting rid of free radicals. Damage from free radicals can cause premature aging and lead to rough, uneven, and dull skin texture. Knowing its benefits for skin and seeing it in almost every DIY recipe, you might wonder whether is vitamin E good for lips as well. Keep reading this article to know the beneficial properties of vitamin E for the betterment of your chapped and dry lips!

Is Vitamin E Good for Lips?

Our lips are highly susceptible to damage due to ultraviolet rays. They do not have the protective layer of melanin, making them even more prone to damage and discoloration. Vitamin E effectively protects the lips from sun damage, so it is highly recommended to use lip products with Vitamin E in it. In addition, it helps in making lips softer and gives a smooth texture. Other benefits of using Vitamin E on lips include:

1. Moisturizing

It improves skin hydration and can help deal with dry and cracked lips especially in summers. Applying vitamin E directly or products that have vitamin E can help sooth chapped lips and restore the moisture.

2. Repair Tips

It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help repair red or swollen lips. Swollen lips can occur due to excessive licking or if you apply expired or cheap quality products on the lips.

3. Anti-Aging

Our lips too get thin and wrinkly with age, and Vitamin E has anti-aging properties which can delay the onset of wrinkles. Regular application of vitamin E on the lips can help in reducing signs of aging.

4. Protects from Sun Damage

Vitamin e can potentially protect the sensitive skin on your lips from sun damage. It acts as a sunscreen for lips. You can directly apply vitamin e serum on the lips or use lip balms or lip creams containing vitamin e.

How to Use Vitamin E On Lips

1. Vitamin E Capsule

You can cut open a Vitamin E capsule and apply it directly to your lips. Let it dry and don’t lick your lips to avoid scraping off the vitamin e from the lips.

2. DIY Lip Balm

For regular use, you can try this DIY lip balm with all-natural ingredients.


  • Two tablespoon beeswax pellets
  • Vitamin E capsule/oil
  • Three teaspoons coconut oil
  • One tablespoon cocoa butter
  • Essential oils


Add beeswax pellets, vitamin E, coconut oil, and cocoa butter in a double boiler. Melt these ingredients and stir constantly. Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice, such as peppermint oil or lavender oil. Pour it in an empty Chapstick bottle or a small glass container. Let it cool and apply it to the lips whenever required.

You can avoid adding cocoa butter if it is not readily available. Also, avoid adding citrus essential oils as they are not suitable to use during the daytime. Besides, if you’re vegan and wish to avoid beeswax, here are some alternatives to beeswax you could use.

3. DIY Lip Scrub

Exfoliating with a lip scrub can help give soft and smooth lips. Here is an easy DIY recipe to make a lip scrub at home.


  • One teaspoon honey
  • One teaspoon sugar
  • Vaseline
  • Vitamin E oil/capsule


Mix all the ingredients to get a nice thick consistency. You could add more Vaseline to improve the texture. Rub it on the lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes before wiping with a damp cloth. Apply a lip balm afterward to lock in the moisture.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

1. Sun Damage

Vitamin E protects against harmful sun rays. It helps get rid of free radicals and regenerates cells reducing any signs of damage from the sun or other environmental factors.

2. Scars and Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent antioxidant that helps reducing scar marks and blemishes. It helps even the skin tone and boosts collagen production too.

3. Anti-Aging

The moisturizing and repairing properties of Vitamin E help improve collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It helps achieve soft, supple skin with an even skin texture, thereby giving youthful skin.

4. Moisturizing Properties

Vitamin E helps form a barrier on the skin, keeping it hydrated. In addition, it fights inflammation and can help reduce itchiness and redness, giving an even skin tone and healthy-looking skin.


While Vitamin E has various skin benefits, people with overly sensitive skin or extremely oily skin should be a little careful before applying it directly to the skin.

How To Take Proper Care of Lips

There are basically two steps to a proper care routine for your lips. You should regularly exfoliate and hydrate the lip skin to ensure good health. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of flaky or dead skin from the lips and hydration will help in keeping the lips moisturized, thereby preventing them from becoming chapped.

Additionally, you shouldn’t use commercial products with harmful chemicals on the lips as the skin is thin and susceptible to damage. Always use lip balms that either has vitamin e or SPF content to protect your lips from sun damage.


Vitamin e is beneficial for your lips and skin alike and when you use it in the right way, it can provide good health of the lips. However, as stated, if you have sensitive or oily skin you must take caution while using vitamin e directly on the lips/skin.


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