Is Orange Blossom Water Good for You | Orange Infused Water Benefits

Is orange blossom water good for you? Keep reading to know whether or not it’s safe to incorporate orange blossom water into your routine!

Is Orange Blossom Water and Orange Infused Water the Same? 

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Orange blossom water and orange infused water are two different health-benefiting beverages and have different preparations and benefits. In simple words, the drinks are not the same. Where the infused water is prepared by adding the fruit chunks to water overnight or for some time, orange blossom water is the byproduct of the distillation process conducted to extract the orange essential oil. Orange blossom water is thus more strong than orange infused water. While orange water uses the fruit as the base ingredient, orange blossom water uses the flowers of the orange tree as its key ingredient. In certain cases, depending on the extracted orange oil, orange blossom water might also have seeds, bark, leaves, peel, and the pulp of the fruit as its ingredients.

Is Orange Blossom Water Good for You?

Just like rose water and other floral waters, orange blossom water or orange floral water has a plethora of benefits and uses. It is safe and advisable to use orange blossom water for healthy skin and other benefits. Let’s explore a few of them that prove to be beneficial for your hair and skin.

1. Tones the Skin

Orange blossom water is an excellent toner for all skin types, especially oily skin. This all-natural toner soothes, tones, and softens your skin effortlessly. In addition to that, the soothing properties of the water also refresh and rejuvenates your skin.

2. Has Healing Properties

Orange Blossom water helps in soothing skin issues like mild irritations and rashes. Besides, it might as well help in treating sunburns.

3. Conditions Hair

Apart from treating scalp irritations, the distilled solution helps you get shinier and healthier hair. The soothing properties of orange blossom water soothe the scalp. It also treats dry and flaky scalp. In addition to that, the high content of vitamin C in the water helps restore your hair’s shine and health. 

4. Balances Skin Oil

Not only does this miraculous liquid help restore the oil balance of your skin, but it also helps in de-stressing the skin and controlling acne. The rich source of Vitamin C and B complex also brightens the skin, treating pigmentation and skin discoloration. 

Consumption of orange blossom water is also beneficial for treating tummy aches and reducing stress and anxiety. However, the undiluted form of this concentrated solution is potent, and therefore it should be diluted with water before consumption or should be taken in minimal quantities.

What is Orange Infused Water and How is it Beneficial

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Orange infused water helps you to stay hydrated with extra benefits and flavor. Leaving slices or pieces of oranges with peels intact in water overnight or some hours can help you get this vitamin-rich thirst quencher. The water also has several health benefits. This water is easy to make, and you can drink as much of it as you wish. 

Benefits of Orange Infused Water

1. Boosts Overall Skin Health

Oranges are a rich source of beta-carotene that has antioxidant properties and saves your skin from free radicals. They also promote the regeneration of new skin cells, providing you with radiant and supple skin. Therefore, regular consumption of orange-infused water can help improve your skin quality. 

2. Helps in Weight Loss

There is a high content of soluble fiber in the infused water. Therefore, it makes you feel full for a more extended period. The property helps you stay away from unnecessary binging, and also helps in detoxification, further promoting, and aiding weight loss. You can also add a cinnamon stick and a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves for weight loss.

3. Boosts Immunity

Just like the fruit, the infused water is a rich source of Vitamin C. The vitamin C content of this refreshing drink helps boost your immunity and protects you from common cold and flu. Furthermore, vitamin C content neutralizes free radicals, reducing the chances of heart diseases and cancer. 

How to Make Orange Blossom Water at Home

You can buy orange blossom water from the market easily. However, if you wish to make a simpler version of the extracted water, here is how to do it. Please note, the flavor of this simple homemade concentrate might be more subtle than market bought variations as the distillation process is swapped with a simpler process at home.

You’ll Need:

  • Seville or bitter orange tree flower petals
  • Distilled Water


  1. Wash the fresh orange flower petals to get rid of any dirt. 
  2. Then crush the flower petals with the help of stone or porcelain mortar and pestle.
  3. Next, add the prepared floral paste and more flower petals to a pot with one-liter distilled water and seal it with the help of strong tape so that the evaporated water does not escape in the form of steam.
  4. Bring the water to a boil and then lower the heat setting. Let the water simmer for a few minutes.
  5. After that, pour this mix into a glass jar and let it cool. 
  6. Place the glass jar in sunlight for a couple of weeks or immediately store the cooled blossom concentrate for consumption. 
  7. In case of letting the water sit in the sunlight, strain the scented liquid into smaller jars after a few weeks and store it in a cool dark place.
  8. For consumption, take the concentrate in small quantities. 

So, try these Vitamin C rich orange-flavored variations for your health and skin today!


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