Cocoa Butter Tattoo | Is Cocoa Butter Good for Tattoo Aftercare

Getting a tattoo done involves pure love for the ink and a commitment to respect and take care of the art. Know is cocoa butter good for tattoo aftercare and when to use it in this article.

Is Cocoa Butter Good for Tattoo Aftercare1

Even as new tattoos look amazing and boost your confidence, these make your skin a little susceptible to infections, especially in the starting. Not only do tattoos demand upkeep and refilling, but they also need proper aftercare. Let’s learn a bit about tattoo care and when and how to use cocoa butter for it.

What are Weeping Tattoos?

Let’s start with the basics. Tattoos are made with needle insertions in your skin, hence, your tattoo making sessions are very similar to other medical procedures. Also, just like wounds from the medical operations, your tattoos require special aftercare to avoid any form of scarring or infection.

When you leave a tattoo parlor, your tattoo is covered by a clingfilm or transparent film. This is done because the puncture holes on your skin from the session are still open. So, when you remove the film for the first time, you might notice oozing colors from the skin. This ooze is a mixture of blood, plasma, and excess ink that has gone into the skin. These oozing tattoos are called weeping tattoos.
Weeping is a stage where your skin is extremely vulnerable. Therefore, even though cocoa butter is 100% natural and has healing properties, it is still not a good idea to put it on an open wound.

Is Cocoa Butter Good for Tattoo Aftercare?

Is Cocoa Butter Good for Tattoo Aftercare2

The nourishing, healing, and moisturizing properties of cocoa butter make it an ideal product for tattoo aftercare. However, it would help if you wait until the tattoo stops weeping before applying this natural ingredient. The reason is that cocoa butter is comedogenic. This property can lead to clogged pores and unwanted irritation. Furthermore, cocoa butter applied on weeping tattoos may lead to premature bleed of colors as well, which will fade your tattoos. However, when you apply cocoa butter to healed tattoos, it never fades the ink. So, until the tattoo stops weeping, it is best to use a healing non-comedogenic ointment instead of cocoa butter.

Note: People with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid using cocoa butter as an aftercare product.

When To Start Using Cocoa Butter for Tattoo Care?

Once the tattoos stop weeping and the scabs get visible, you can start applying cocoa butter to the skin, and reap its moisturizing and healing properties. A lot of people say that cocoa butter helps reduce scabs and peeling skin.

Why Cocoa Butter for Non-Weeping Tattoos

1. Moisturizes the Skin

The rich, creamy consistency of the ingredient helps keep the skin naturally hydrated and moisturized. Not only does moisturized skin add on to the look of your tattoo, but it also reduces itchiness that may lead to scarring pf the skin.

2. Reduces the Appearance of Scabs

Is Cocoa Butter Good for Tattoo Aftercare3

Scabs are a natural reaction to tattoos. However, cocoa butter can help reduce the appearance of these cracks. Applying a thin layer of cocoa butter keeps the skin soft and supple, keeping scab scars at bay or at least minimizes their visibility.

3. Stimulates the Healing Process

The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of cocoa butter reduce the swelling and inflammation in the inked area. Also, the rich content of fatty acids and Vitamins, E and K in the butter, helps maintain healthy skin around the area and helps in the healing process.

Final Thoughts

Cocoa butter on fresh weeping tattoos might lead to a delay in the healing process of the inked surface. However, once your skin starts peeling and the oozing has stopped, cocoa butter is the best alternative to keep your skin nourished, healthy, supple, and beautifully inked!

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