Is Baby Oil Good For Your Hair | Benefits Of Using Baby Oil

Wondering whether is baby oil good for your hair or not? Let’s unravel the facts and figure out about baby oil for hair in this article!

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Baby oil is a commonly used product for keeping the skin of infants soft and supple. It helps keep the babies’ skin smooth, gets rid of dryness, and prevents rashes. Most commercial baby oils are mineral oils derivative of petroleum and act as an excellent moisturizing agent. These are colorless, odorless, and light oils with non-comedogenic properties for keeping the skin soft without clogging the pores. Moreover, some vegetable oil-based baby oils formulated with unrefined coconut oil or olive oil are available in the market. 

While baby oils are suitable for babies’ fragile and sensitive skin, it is safe for adults to use them for moisturization as well, especially if they suffer from dry and sensitive skin. Some people like to use it after the shower, for general application, and on dry skin patches. Although it is famous for skin applications, baby oil has several incredible benefits for hair as well.

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Hair?

Baby oil is a refined and purified mineral oil that acts as a skin barrier to prevent it from drying and helps retain moisture. This hypoallergenic oil is lightweight, colorless, and gentle on the skin. Moreover, baby oil is free of any harmful chemicals that make it perfect for baby skin and safe to use on the hair. It is not only suitable for hair but provides a multitude of benefits making your hair look smooth, silky, and healthy. Read on for further details! 

Benefits Of Baby Oil For Your Hair

1. Moisturizes Hair

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Just like Vaseline, baby oil helps retain moisture. It acts as a moisturizing barrier for the hair and protects it from environmental damage. Therefore, applying a little bit of it to the hair before styling with heat can prevent natural moisture loss.

2. Treats Dry Scalp

If you suffer from a dry and flaky scalp, baby oil can help treat those scalp problems. Take a little bit on your fingers and massage your scalp with it. Doing this helps get rid of flakiness and dandruff.

3. Protecting Serum

Baby oil acts as a protective layer and prevents the chemicals from affecting the hair follicles. Therefore, you can use it as a protecting serum for the hair while swimming, in the sun, and from pollution. 

4. Gets Rid Of Lice

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The moisturizing properties of baby oil can loosen the grip of lice on the hair, making it easier to get rid of them. Applying it on the scalp and hair and leaving it overnight before washing can reduce lice infestation.

5. Make Hair Stronger

Applying baby oil can reduce the pore size on the scalp which will decrease water absorption, making hair brittle and prone to damage. In addition, it helps control frizzy hair, split ends, or dry and dull hair.

6. Smoothens Hair

Like skin, baby oil can give the hair a lovely soft, shiny, and silky texture. Apply a pinch of baby oil after washing your hair as serum from the roots to the tips of the hair. 

Other Fascinating Benefits Of Baby Oil

1. Makeup Remover

Baby oil acts as an effective makeup remover without depriving your skin of its natural oils. Take a little bit in a cotton pad or a tissue and glide over the skin for easy makeup removal.

2. Treat Cracked Heels

Due to the occulent properties of baby oil, you can also use it for treating cracked heels. Apply it generously and cover it up with socks overnight. This helps lock in the moisture and prevents the heels from getting dry and cracked. Moreover, baby oil is rich in Vitamin E that has therapeutic properties for smoothed heels. 

3. For Shaving

For Shaving

Baby oils act as a great alternative to shaving creams as it provides a smooth surface and reduces the chances of bumps or cuts due to razors. 

4. Prevent Stretch Marks

Applying baby oil during pregnancy or otherwise can prevent stretch marks. In addition to giving you soft and smooth skin, baby oil reduces the visibility of stretch marks. 

5. Treat Chapped Lips

Baby oil is a moisturizing oil with plenty of Vitamin E, helpful in treating chapped lips and getting back its natural rosy texture. 

6. Moisturize Cuticles

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Before painting your nails, it’s best to push the cuticles and apply a tiny amount of baby oil around them to give it a smooth look and nourish the nails before you apply nail paint over them.

7. Bathing

Give yourself a moisturizing bath by using baby oil while making preparing your bath. It helps prevent any dryness due to hot water and can leave your skin to feel supple and soft. 

8. Cleaning Steel Appliances

Using baby oil to clean steel appliances can give it a nice, smooth, and shiny texture. Moreover, it helps remove any dirt or fingerprint smudges but be sure to use a microfiber cloth or paper towel for wiping the steel surfaces to prevent scratches. 

9. Removing Paint

As a mineral oil, baby oil can help remove the paint from hands. Since it dissolves with the oil in the paints, baby oil is excellent for easy removal. Further, you can use it to remove marks from markers, colors, etc., without excessive rubbing and washing. 


Baby oil is a thick oil that can block the pores if used excessively, therefore, you should not use it for oiling the hair. Instead, use baby oil in minimal quantities to get the benefits. Lastly, to avoid any skin irritation or rashes, do a patch test such as near the elbows to check whether it is suitable for your skin or not, and proceed according to the results. If you experience any reaction or side-effect, discontinue the usage immediately.

Thank you for reading. Do share your insights and experience in the comments below!


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