Ideas To Hide Trash Cans | Cheap Ideas To Hide Wheelie Bins

We are sure you must be irritated by those ugly trash bins in your home and with those uninvited flies too! Here in this article, we have provided 11 ingenious Ideas to Hide Trash Cans without compromising with the look of your home!

1. A Wood Tilt-Out Recycling Bin Cabinet

Keep flies and other deadly insects at bay by creating a wood tilt-out trash can cabinet. Follow this link to get the tutorial and other bonus ideas to conquer flies!

2. Hang a Cute Curtain

Recycle a dresser into a functional kitchen cabinet to hide your trash bin and gain extra space for other garbage bags. Find the tutorial here.

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3. Pull Out Trash Can

Buy a Rev-a-shelf pull out containers from your local market and install it to hide your trash bin without taking up much space. Follow this article.

4. Get Crafty with Old Trash Cans

Convert a regular plastic trash bin into a much appealing stenciled trash bin. This way you don’t necessarily need to hide your trash bin. Visit The Hometalk for directions.

5. Use a Large Basket

Instead of working hard on DIYs to hide an ugly trash bin, you could simply put it in a big wicker basket (one with a lid or create a lid by yourself).

6. 3 Great Ways to Hide Wheelie Bins & Boxes

Amazing ideas to hide trash cans without compromising the look of the surrounding.

Learn three appealing ideas to hide trash cans and wheelie bins in a manner that they can be easily accessible on a daily basis. The article is here.

7. Recycle Bin Labels

Label trash bins to make throwing away more sequential and environment-friendly. Always remember, mixed trashes have a lot more negative impact on the environment than anything else. Check out the idea here.

8. Garbage Can Storage Area

Create a garbage can storage area in your backside yard or backyard to keep your garbage bin hidden from the street. Visit here for the tutorial.

9. Hiding Your Wheelie Bin

Find out 5 more ideas here to hide your wheelie bin with a dab of creativeness wherever you make the storage cabins.

10. Repurpose a Pallet

An amazing pallet idea to hide trash cans without much efforts.

The only way you can hide outdoor garbage bins with a touch of decoration is to either make a storage cabin or fence the garbage area. Find the fence idea here.

11. DIY Pallet Trash Can Hide

Here’s yet another fence idea to hide your storage bin without compromising with the look of your house. Get inspired here.


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