Check out this article to learn an easy way on How To Remove Water Stains From Wood on a budget.

Water stains or burn stains on wood tables can be really disappointing especially if you are involved in some sort of resale business. Even if not reselling, a home is known by how you adorn it with the furnishing. Moreover, furniture needs proper care at regular intervals to keep them more as new.

By the course of time, wood tables lose their original shine which makes them look much older than their original age. One way to bring back the newness of your wood table is to paint it using same colored wood stain. Or you could try another way that we are providing you with today. All you need to have is a clean towel and a steam iron. It’s so easy and simple. Let’s start with the procedure.

Things Required

  1. Clean Towel
  2. Steam Iron


  1. Pat dry the surface of the wood table nicely. Make sure no drop of water is left on it.
  2. Now, lay the clean towel over the wood stain marks and further, run the steam iron over it for about 3-5 seconds.
  3. Rub the towel on the spots you run the steam iron in order to remove excess moisture left by the iron.
  4. It’s quite normal that the spot will still be visible even after you finish the process. Don’t panic and repeat the procedure until it’s gone completely.

It can even take you 6 complete tries to remove the stain completely. Once your marks vanish, use a little bit of polish to shine your table a bit.

From now on you know a quick lifehack that you can always try to get rid of water stains on your wood furniture.


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