How to Remove Slime from Clothes with Ice

Learn how to remove slime from clothes with ice and other methods in this article. These methods are handy and easy to do to remove slime from clothes.

How to Remove Slime from Clothes with Ice

Kids are excited to take their slimes everywhere. However, this can turn out to be a horror for the parents, as it is tough to get rid of the slime and it leaves stains. You don’t need to sacrifice your clothes because of the issue anymore. Let’s look at some options that can help you get rid of the slime and its stains from your beloved clothes. What you should keep in mind is never to put slimed clothes in your washing machines directly. It increases the mess and ruins the clothes. 

How to Remove Slime from Clothes with Ice

How to Remove Slime from Clothes with Ice 2
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Ice Rubs

Probably one of the most natural methods to get rid of slime, ice rubs on the affected areas can help harden slime. This makes the scraping off process more manageable and the removal most efficient. 


  1. Scoop up as much slime from the clothes as possible. 
  2. Then rub ice cubes over the area. The process helps harden the slime remains on the surface, which can be removed with a scraper.
  3. Once the slime is removed, put the clothes in the washing machine for the final cleaning step. 

Getting Rid of Slime with Other Ingredients

1. Vinegar

The acidic nature of vinegar proves to be extremely beneficial in removing slime from your clothes. Vinegar helps in dissolving the slime. So, it can also be your savior if slime gets stuck in your hair. 


  1. Use a spoon or your fingers to remove as much of slime as possible. 
  2. Next, pour some vinegar on the slime and start scrubbing.
  3. The dissolving will take some time, but it will get the job done. Scrub till all the slime is gone.
  4. After that, give your clothes a good rinse and put in your washing machine for a regular wash.

Note: Do try a patch test of vinegar on your clothes to check if it’ll harm your clothes’ color before using the method.

2. Dish Washing Soap

Another reliable substitute for removing slime if you do not wish to use ice or vinegar for the cleaning method is a dish-washing soap. Dish-washing soap can be handy for slime removal, especially ‘Dawn dish soap,’ this particular dish soap is famous for removing tough stains without harming your clothes. 


  1. Again, try to remove or scoop up as much slime from your clothes as possible. 
  2. Next, squirt a generous amount of the soap on the stained surface and start scrubbing the cloth under a steady stream of water.
  3. You will see the slime slowly washing off from the fabric.
  4. Now, put in the clothes for a regular wash in the washing machine. 

So, let slime sessions be super fun and not a cause of worry! Also, read these articles that help you get out of sticky situations where slime stains your carpetsblankets, or car seats


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