How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar

Are you looking for a safe, efficient, non-toxic, and affordable method to remove gel nail polish? Read on to discover how to remove gel nail polish with sugar!

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar1

What Is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polish is a cosmetic item applied during pedicures and manicures. Compared to ordinary nail paint, it lasts longer and costs more. Because gel paint keeps nails looking good for two to three weeks without chipping, it is a mainstay of contemporary beauty and a salon fixture. Further, due to its simplicity in application and removal and its extended durability, gel nail polish is one of the most well-liked manicure procedures worldwide.

Is Gel Polish Harmful to Nails?

This clinical report claims that gel polish might weaken, thin, and brittle your nails. Avoid using this cosmetic item or, at the very least, use it less frequently. However, if you have already applied gel polish, use the home removal method described below.

Is It Possible To Remove Gel Nail Polish Using Sugar?

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar3

Yes, it definitely is! A common technique today is to clean gel nail paint with sugar. Anyone can apply or remove gel nail polish at home because the application technique is straightforward. You don’t have to worry about going to the salon. Moreover, sugar can soak up nail paint. When you rub sugar against gel nails, the friction between the two helps to remove the polish without harming the natural nails underneath.

Additionally, it works because the abrasive properties of crushed sugar gently wipe away the previous gel polish. For this method to work, you must crush the sugar well. Additionally, the sugar granules in regular granulated sugar are too rough. As a result, if you use it on the coffee counter, it can hurt your nails. Therefore, ensure the sugar has been diced up before applying it to the nails.

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar?

Sugar is an amazing natural and affordable DIY gel nail paint remover. It has an abrasive quality, which makes this technique successful. Most importantly, this hack won’t dry out your natural nail beds because it is chemical-free.


  • 5-6 Teaspoons of Granulated Sugar
  • Coconut or Castor Oil
  • A Medium-Sized Bowl
  • Nail File
  • Cotton Balls
  • A Grinder
  • Soap and Water

Before applying

1. Wash Your Hands

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar2

Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any dirt or germs that have accumulated on top. Before beginning, you should wash your hands with clean soap since germs can easily get under your nails. By doing this, you will have your nails ready for eviction and avoid becoming sick if you unintentionally touch any of your skin with sugar.

Lastly, please ensure the hands are completely dry before you start; otherwise, the sugar can stick to them.

2. Do Not Bite Your Nails

Avoid plucking, biting, or otherwise injuring your cuticles or nails. The sugaring technique may irritate the fingernails, that might result in the swelling of nails and fingers.

Applying Process

1. Crush The Sugar

Add two tablespoons of sugar granules to a grinder. Even though any grinder will yield satisfactory results, many people succeed with coffee grinders. In addition, a pestle and mortar will work well if you don’t have a grinder.

Crush the sugar for ten to fifteen seconds or until it turns into a fine powder. You shouldn’t overdo it since sugar should be finer than granulated sugar but not as fine as confectioners’ sugar as it can damage your natural nails.

2. Put The Ground Sugar In A Bowl

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar4

Once the sugar turns powdery, pour it into the prepared basin. If the bowl is moist, it’s possible that the water will cause the sugar to dissolve, making the removal attempt unsuccessful. So make sure it’s dry before you pour the sugar.

3. Apply Sugar Over The Gel Polish

Drench a cotton ball in the sugar and set it aside. Dip the cotton ball into the sugar multiple times to collect a sizable amount of it. After that, you should shake off any extra sugar to prevent a mess. Gently massage the gel nail polish with the sugar and cotton ball.

Rub in a circular motion while being careful with the pressure. Continue until the first fingernail is finished and place the cotton ball back into the sugar to continue with the next nail. However, you must replace the cotton ball because it will eventually become covered in gel polish and cease to function.

The gel polish will gradually come off as the cotton balls rub against your nails. If you rub too vigorously, your genuine nails could suffer serious harm.

4. Take Breaks Frequently

During this process, avoid employing force to remove the nail polish. Because the process will take a long time, you should take a break after a while, which might help you be more effective at removing the polish. Utilizing cotton balls, massage the sugar until no nail polish is visible on the nails.

After Applying

Finally, give your hands a thorough soap and water wash. After that, apply coconut or castor oil to the nail cuticles to hydrate them. Avoid vigorously rubbing the sugar on your nails.

Please remember that you should always clean and store the items you use with care. Further, you should purchase fresh nail drills or files after 4-5 weeks.

Alternative To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar

Alternative To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar

Yes, there are more options besides sugar for removing gel manicures at home. For example, you can remove gel nail paint by rubbing it off with a soft cloth, soaking the nails in acetone, hand sanitizer, hot water with salt, or any combination of these. However, most of these methods call for cleaning the gel nail paint with a harsh solvent.

The drawback of these procedures is that it might damage your skin and nails. For instance, the simplest approach to removing gel nail polish at home is to use acetone. But when you breathe too much acetone, it can be detrimental to your lungs.

Therefore, clean your nail polish in a well-ventilated area if you need to use a chemical. After finishing, you should moisturize your hands and nails to protect them from contaminants.

Overall, it is clear that many people still prefer using sugar to remove gel nail paint even though there are other options. In contrast to chemical abrasion, it uses mechanical abrasion, and more importantly, it is completely natural and non-toxic.

Can Sugar Get Rid Of A Gel Pedicure?

The answer is yes, as sugar works by gradually buffing your polish off; it will work on any gel nail polish, regardless of where it is applied.

Be prepared to stay in a curled position for 20 to 30 minutes to get your toes cleaned, but remember that the sugaring procedure will take longer on the toes. If you cannot reach the toes comfortably, you can ask someone else to help you remove the nail polish.

Thank you for reading. Take care!


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