How to Paint a Cow Skull | Painting Cow Skull at Home

Learn how to paint a cow skull at home to customize a dangerous yet aesthetic accessory to go with other bold decor items in your home!

Cow skulls are a great expression of a diversified yet traditional décor. It complements both modern and rustic interior décor depending on the way they are styled and painted. To customize a cow skull that matches your interior, you can paint one at home. You can learn how to paint a cow skull at home via this article besides getting some decor ideas to use your creation.

How to Paint a Cow Skull

1. Using a Stencil

Still a little weary about your painting skills and do not want to mess up, try this idea. On a piece of paper, draw a pattern that you would like on the skull. Cut out in the form of a stencil. You can also buy ready-made stencils. Now paste the stencil on the skull, making sure it touches it perfectly, and there are no gaps. Paint using a brush, making sure it is not dripping. Let it dry for a few minutes, and then gently peel off the stencil. Keep in mind the gaps, and make sure the paper is flat on the surface. You may as well use spray paints as well.

2. Painting Directly

If you have a steady hand with paintbrushes, you do not have to go through the extra effort to create stencils. Use a pencil to draw around the skull roughly. Now paint as per your template using acrylic paint colors. Let it sit for at least 24 hours.

3. Marble Technique

If you want a swirly look on your cow skull, you can try the marble technique. Fill a wide-mouthed bucket with water and add any oil-based paint to it. Add the paint in such a way that it has a swirly pattern. Dip the cow skull in this water until totally submerged and take it out. Let it sit for a few hours until it dries completely.

For all the methods, choose a clear varnish to apply over the painted areas for a glossy and finished look. It also helps seal the paint to not wear off with time or scrap off the skull. While doing so, do it in an open area because the fumes can be toxic.

How to Decorate a Cow Skull?

Cow skulls can be a part of décor in most rooms, including bathrooms and home offices. If you’re ready for your creation to be put up in your house to bring a traditional appeal to it, below are some ideas you can use to decorate your cow skull.

1. Living room

Placing a cow skull in the living room wall can give a striking and impressive style to the room ambiance. Try choosing a center wall for a more prominent look. You can paint the cow skull with the same theme as your living room to maintain consistency. A cow skull in the living room can give a strong impression about you while also bringing aesthetics to your home.

2. Bedroom

For a dramatic look, add a decorative cow skull to the bedroom. It goes well with dark colors for a cohesive look. You can either add it on your headboard wall or opposite wall to it under a wall lamp to bring a dangerous yet appealing feel to the room.

3. Bathroom

If you like your bathrooms to be as gorgeous as the other rooms, then a cow skull is a stunning addition. Make sure you use cow skulls that are humidity-proof when hanging one in the bathroom. Constantly keep checking the condition of the cow skull when you hang it in the bathroom.

4. Home office

A powerful home office can be a direct reflection of your personality. A cow skull can be a great way to supplement other powerful decoration items that go well with another office décor.

5. Porch

Using a cow skull to decorate your porch wall will not only showcase your creative skills but also give a strong reflection of your ‘hunter’ personality. Choose a dangerous-looking cow skull with big horns to decorate your porch wall.

How to Choose the Best Cow Skull?

You should keep in mind a few things before buying a cow skull for your house.

  1. A fake or imitation skull is better as it is tough to tell them apart. Also, they are easier to clean, less expensive, and are already bleached.
  2. Check the size of the skull and the horns too. Always decide beforehand where you want to place it and buy the skull according to the available space. Sometimes the skulls are small, but the horns might be too long and cover the whole wall making it look cluttered.  
  3. Check whether a hanging slot is already available on the skull.
  4. Look for signs of plaster around the area where the horns are attached to the skull. These should not be prominent as it makes it look fake instantly.
  5. A narrower skull on the top is not the best option for a fake cow skull as it does not give a real illusion.


Prefer to buy fake skulls instead of real ones. They are readily available and look exactly like real ones without harming any animals. It is also easier to customize and paint the faux cow skulls.


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