How To Make Slime Less Sticky

Since there’re no signs that the slime mania will end soon and a frequently heard complaint is how to make slimes less sticky, read on to learn the tricks to deal with the issue!

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Slime is sticky but enjoyable to play with. For young children, it is a beautiful sensory activity, and it can support older kids’ concentration while they work. Sadly, some slime recipes end up excessively sticky, which can be uncomfortable and cause problems! Fortunately, a batch of sticky slime can be easily fixed. You could try using a less sticky slime recipe for your subsequent collection.

Although you can consider a few different methods to reduce the stickiness of slime, there are so many distinct kinds of slime that some techniques may be more effective with one form of slime than another. But here are some general pointers that are always useful:

1. Knead It Properly

Kneading aids in settling the excess water content in the slime and makes it less sticky. If you still feel that your slime is sticky, add a drop or two of saline solution at a time. Further, before kneading the slime, you can squirt a few droplets of slime activator onto your hands. This will coat your hands to handle the slime and provide a tiny bit of extra activator to your slime. But keep in mind that if you keep adding an activator, your slime will start to rubberize and break.

2. Use Baby Oil

You only need a little bit of baby oil, or else it would get quite oily. Depending on how much slime you are making, around a 1/2 TBSP of baby oil should be plenty. Pour a few drops of the oil on your slime and knead well to reduce the water content in the slime and make it less sticky.

3. Accurately Measure The Ingredients In Your Slime

Similar to baking, winging it doesn’t always work so well, especially if you are going for a particular desired result, stretchy non-sticky slime in this instance. So before you begin, be sure to collect those measuring cups.

4. Give It Some Time To Sit

How To Make Slime Less Sticky2

The slime will develop a “skin” if you leave it to sit for a while. The dough should be less sticky by the time you give it another knead.

5. Use Containers To Store Slime

You should keep your Slime in a container. The slime will remain fresh and become less sticky if you store them in containers. The containers are locally available and come in different sizes and shapes.

Like baking, making slime is a science. It’s chemical! You can’t undo the new substance you create when you combine and mix the ingredients of your slime. There has been a chemical transformation. The ideal situation is to get it right the first time, but improvement can be seen with practice.

How To Make Slime Thicker

Still not satisfied with the consistency of your slime? Are you looking for a non-borax method to make slime less runny? In addition to the slime activator and saline solution, you can add a little baking soda to the saline solution mix to thicken the slime. The bare minimum amount to use is 1/4 tsp with transparent and white glue. For a fun slime experiment, you might want to try making saline solution slime without baking soda to see what happens.

How To Fix Slime That Is Too Sticky

How To Make Slime Less Sticky3


  • 1/2 tsp (3 g) of baking soda
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) of contact saline solution
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) of baby oil


  1. Add roughly 1/2 teaspoon (2 grams) of baking soda. Use your hands to work the baking soda into the slime once you sprinkle it over. Knead the slime repeatedly until it no longer seems sticky. If it still feels sticky after adding baking soda, add 1/8 tsp (0.5 g) more and knead it once more. It’s crucial to avoid adding too much baking soda because doing so could make your slime less elastic. Before adding more, thoroughly knead the slime!
  2. Add contact saline solution to the slime and keep kneading to let the saline solution settle in the slime. The slime should stop feeling sticky after some time. If the mixture is still tacky, add an additional 14 tsp (1.3 mL) of contact solution and knead the mixture once more. Avoid adding too much contact solution because doing so will make your slime rubbery and brittle.
  3. Add 1 tsp (5 mL) of baby oil to add shine and lessen the stickiness of the slime. Baby oil is frequently included in recipes for glossy slime and can help your slime become less sticky. You can add one teaspoon (5 mL) of baby oil into the slime. Knead until the slime is thoroughly blended with it and is no longer sticky. If you add more baby oil than 1 tsp (5 mL) to your slime, it could get goopy and lose its stretchiness. Since the slime will stick in your hands, apply a thick layer of moisturizer or baby oil to prevent the slime from sticking.
  4. You must mix the slime very well to avoid it from becoming sticky and liquid-y. Keep kneading your slime if you don’t want to add anything else! This will facilitate the components’ better blending and chemical reactions. It would be best if you pressed the slime with your hands and fingers, spread it out, ball it up, and press it once again. Do this repeatedly until your slime no longer feels sticky.


Remember that homemade slime is all about science and pleasure and might behave very differently from factory-made slime that contains numerous additional substances. Additionally, remember that the cool pictures you see online were probably taken at the perfect time! Enjoy making slime for the experience and love the process as much as the finished product.


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