How to Make Glitter Jar with Vegetable Oil

Understand how to make glitter jar with vegetable oil in this article! They can be a relaxing element for your work desk or a fun activity for kids.

How to Make Glitter Jar with Vegetable Oil 1

Easy to create, glitter jars are a great DIY activity and holiday present for kids. The science behind this anti-gravity floating glitter jar is what makes this craft project fun and magical. The glitter rises instead of settling down in the oil and water mix, and that is what creates a calming effect of these sensory bottles or jars. 

How to Make Glitter Jar with Vegetable Oil

Oil Float Bottle

Glitter jars are a simple three-ingredient craft activity that can help you calm your kids or keep them busy. The flowing and floating glitter particles create a magical effect that keeps kids and adults engrossed for hours. They are also great stress busters!

You’ll Need:

  • A mason jar or a glass bottle (with lid)
  • Half bottle vegetable oil
  • Half bottle water
  • Single or multiple glitters (in good quantity)
  • Food color of preferred choice


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar or bottle. 
  2. Seal the jar’s lid with hot glue, so the liquid doesn’t escape when the jar/bottle is turned.
  3. These simple ingredients and steps will help you create this magical solution for your stress and anxiety. The calm jars are also a great sensory activity for young kids.

Note: Try not to use superfine or extremely small glitter size as it gets stuck on the bottle’s sides, dimming the floating glitter particles’ effect. You can, however, use fine good quality glitter and mix it with bigger glitter particles.

Glitter Float Decorative Jar

These unique jars can be used for playing as well as decorative purposes. They can also be given as festive gifts. 

You’ll Need:

  • A Mason jar
  • Hot Glue
  • Decorative festive accessories, for example, a Christmas tree, Easter bunny, or Santa.
  • Half a jar of Vegetable oil
  • Half a jar of Water
  • Glitter

Note: Use the same mason jar to measure the vegetable oil as well as water.


  1. Stick the decorative accessory to the inside of the mason jar lid with hot glue and let it dry.
  2. Once the themed decor is ready on the jar lid, start assembling the bottle.
  3. Add half part oil and half part water in the jar. 
  4. After that, add the glitter and mix it thoroughly with a stirrer.
  5. You can also add a few drops of food color to the bottle if you wish to add some color to it. However, clear water and oil mixture helps you see the decorative accessory better. Instead, you can use bigger glitter sizes in this method.
  6. Finally, seal the jar by applying hot glue to the lid.

Some Tips to Make Sure Your Glitter Jars are More Magical

  1. Glitter jars look better with glass jars or bottles. However, if you are creating these for young children, use a good quality plastic bottle.
  2. Make sure that you clean the bottles or jars properly before creating the glitter jar.
  3. Adding some glycerin to the bottle can improve or increase the floating effect.
  4. Use loads of glitter and in different sizes; to make the jar/bottle more unique.
  5. Ensure that the lid of your jar or bottle is sealed correctly; otherwise, the fun activity will turn into a massive mess in no time. 
  6. Make sure you leave an inch of space on the top for a decent shaking room for the glitter jar.
  7. Use a mix of big and fine glitter for a better look. You can also use different glitter shapes, such as stars, hexagons, moon, hearts, etc. 

So, make your glitter jar today and enjoy the swirl!


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