How To Make Ceramic Powder Dough | Ceramic Dough Uses

Do you want to learn how to make ceramic powder dough? We’ve compiled two recipes as well as few ways to use ceramic dough below!

How To Make Ceramic Powder Dough 1

Ceramic powder is a traditional ingredient for plastering mortars and is used in the construction of buildings. It is manufactured by crushing the natural bricks and then baking them at temperatures as high as 900°C. Ceramic powder is widely used in renovation and restoration projects. It is a highly durable product making it ideal for construction purposes. It is a perfect material for pottery and craft-making due to its various characteristics. Ceramic powder is hard, resilient, non-magnetic, and chemically stable. You can combine it with water to form a clay paste and mould it in whichever shape and form you like. Let’s now see some of the recipes on how to make ceramic powder dough, its uses, and the storage-related precautions.

Recipes for Ceramic Powder Dough

Ceramic Powder dough is a widely used dough for pottery and crafting projects that you can make at home. Let’s look at some of the recipes for making ceramic powder dough. 

How To Make Ceramic Powder Dough

How To Make Ceramic Powder Dough 2

Follow an easy-to-make recipe for ceramic powder dough in the below steps.


  1. Ceramic powder – 1 cup
  2. Ceramic glue – 1 cup
  3. Petroleum jelly – 1 teaspoon
  4. White poster colour – ¼ teaspoon


  1. Take a bowl and mix ceramic powder, ceramic glue, and petroleum jelly into it. Use a spatula or your hands to mix it gently for about 40 minutes or so.
  2. Once the dough looks smooth, add the poster color to it and mix it again.
  3. Keep the dough in a plastic bag for at least one day. 
  4. You can start using the dough by adding any color to it. 

Recipe – 2

Here is another recipe for making the ceramic powder dough


  1. Ceramic powder – 3 tablespoons
  2. Glue – 1 tablespoon
  3. Vegetable Oil – 1 teaspoon


  1. Take ceramic powder and pass it through a sieve. 
  2. Now, add glue to the ceramic powder.
  3. Use a spoon to mix the powder consistently. 
  4. Next, take vegetable oil on your hands and knead this mixture into a dough.
  5. Keep kneading until the dough becomes soft.
  6. If you think the mixture is loose, you can add more ceramic powder to it. On the other hand, add glue if it is stiif.
  7. Keep this dough aside for 24-48 hours by covering it with plastic wrap or a cotton cloth.

Uses of Ceramic Powder Dough

1. Fruit Basket

For creating a ceramic fruit basket, mix equal amounts of china clay, ceramic powder, and glue in a bowl. Keep mixing and kneading until the mixture achieves a dough-like consistency. You can mold this clay into leaves and fruits either manually or with moulds. Create a basket by wrapping the dough around a large bowl. Let all the shapes dry before you start to paint them according to your preference.

2. Refrigerator Magnets

How To Make Ceramic Powder Dough1

Take the ceramic dough and make shapes for the refrigerator magnets like fruits, vegetables, pencils, miniature pillows, or any other form or shapes that you want to make. It is essential to keep the shapes small so that a small magnet can hold its weight. Paint the crafts once the dough is dry and fix the magnet at the back with an adhesive.

3. An Earthen Pot 

You can enhance the look of an earthen pot to look like an art piece! Make a batter by combining equal proportions of ceramic powder and glue. Use this dough cum batter and put it around the earthen pot. Roughen the outer texture with your hands and use a brush to smoothen the edges. Allow the batter to dry for a few hours and paint the pot using ceramic paint. 

4. A Pen Stand

Take equal amounts of glue, ceramic powder, and china clay to make the dough. Start rolling the dough to make strings that are as big as sausages. Now, shape the lines in the form of triangles, squares, or circles. Stack the shapes one on top of the other on the hardboard and let them dry before painting them.

5. Decorative Flowers and Leaves

Take a bowl and mix ceramic powder and cornflour in equal amounts. Add white glue and a little bit of glycerine to the same bowl. Adding glycerin will make the mixture smooth and less likely to crack. Keep it aside for 5 minutes and the dough is now ready! Now, use the dough to make different flowers like rose, lily, etc and/or leaves and let the shapes dry out overnight. Paint the figures with acrylic colors the next day. After using the dough, keep the remaining of it in plastic.

Storing Ceramic Powder Dough

To avoid spoiling the ceramic powder dough or drying it out, follow the below tips:

  1. Ensure that you store unused dough in a Ziploc bag or a plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. If the dough dries, the figures you make from it will have cracks in it.
  2. You can use this dough for two weeks if you put it in the refrigerator. 


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