How to Get Rid of Skunks With Chocolate

Chocolate is probably the most basic way to eliminate skunks lurking in your yard. Follow the article to get rid of skunks with chocolate.

How to Get Rid of Skunks With Chocolate1

What are Skunks?

Skunks are cat-sized mammals that have black and white fur on their body. They are usually found in North and South America. A skunk belongs to the family of Mephilidae, and it can leave a cloud of foul mist that can stay on you for days. Skunk is also infamous as polecats or black and white mammals of North and South America.

Why are Skunks Dangerous?

Domesticated skunks can be wonderful pets if you are brave enough to keep one. However, the ones that grow in the wild are a different story altogether. Since skunks are very sensitive to rabies, they can put you in a difficult situation. It is serious, as rabies can be easily transferred to humans and pets. Moreover, skunks also suffer from worms. That’s why they may be hosts to a wide variety of fleas and ticks on their bodies. So, a close encounter with a skunk could mean a close encounter with these pests or parasites as well.

Skunks are also harmful to gardens and yards as they can dig deep holes in the gardens, yards, or floors searching for insects. However, the worst thing that can happen to you is the skunk’s mist. When scared or threatened, skunks can throw a foul mist that can go as far as ten feet. Even as it poses no damage to your health or skin, in the long run, the foul smell can linger on you for days, defying any effort to remove it!

What can Attract this Mammal?

Skunks’ favorite food is insects, that’s why insects attract skunks the most. Skunks can eat pet food and are attracted to your homes by that as well. Fresh greens or plants in your garden can be a treat for the skunks as well. Skunks eat grubs and earthworms. Moreover, in bad times they also eat garbage. In simple words, any home is a treat box for these mammals as the presence of one or all of these elements is expected in homes.

How to Get Rid of Skunks with Chocolate

How to Get Rid of Skunks With Chocolate2

Surprisingly, chocolate works exceptionally well in repelling skunks. The theobromine present in the chocolates can even prove to be lethal for the animal. Just like dogs, skunks can feel extremely sick if they consume this confectionery item. So, to get rid of the skunks, people often cut small pieces of chocolates and place them in the perimeter of their properties where these mammals visit. 

When skunks eat chocolate, they form digestive issues and irritation, making them leave the property. However, we would advise you to use other methods to get rid of them or use preventive methods, instead of using chocolate as it would be inhumane to kill the animal.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

There are many repellents available for skunks in the market. They are easy to use but can be harmful to humans and pets. So, you can use some simple home remedies to get rid of skunks.

1. Homemade Repellent

Homemade skunk repellent spray is very easy to make and use. To make this repellent, mix hot peppers, onions, jalapenos, cayenne pepper, and water in a pot. Then, boil the mixture and strain it. Finally, use this spray in areas that might be most attractive to these creatures.

2. Pet or Predator Urine

Predator urine or the urine of your pet can help get rid of skunks. Since animals are territorial and often scare away strays or wild animals from your home, other animals like skunks confuse them with a predator’s territory and stay away. 

3. Ammonia

Ammonia is an effective repellent for skunks as well. The smell can be too off-putting for the animal. So, if you have seen a skunk making regular rounds around your property, place a rag covered with ammonia near the place. You will see the animal leaving your premises in no time. However, make sure the rag is away from the reach of your kids, and pets since it can prove to be harmful to them. Keep in mind that ammonia can affect the health of plants too.

4. Traps

Traps are not the most preferred option to get rid of skunks, as they can spray your entire vicinity and on you while trying to free themselves. Yet if it’s feasible for you, you can use traps to catch skunks and then free them in the wild. Put fresh vegetables or a little pile of leftover food in the trap as bait to lure the skunks into the trap.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Skunks on Your Property

How to Get Rid of Skunks With Chocolate3
  • Make sure that you seal your garbage bins properly. Make sure there is no garbage, especially food lying outside. 
  • Besides, try and keep your pet’s food and water bowls inside the house.
  • Use a wire mesh to cover areas like the bottom of your porch and the deck.
  • To keep skunks away from your plants, you can bury deep wire fences around your perimeter to avoid their entrance, as they are good burrowers. 

Precautions to Take While Getting Rid of Them

Even though skunks are rarely aggressive and seldom bite, you have to be careful around the wild animal because agitated skunks can be dangerous. Their scratches can also lead to severe diseases or infections.

So, follow these steps when dealing with a skunk:

  • Always maintain a safe distance from a skunk.
  • Ensure you are wearing protective gear and masks while dealing with them or pouring in market-bought repellents.
  • Never touch a dead skunk with your bare hands. Use a rag or old towel to bid farewell to the dead animal.

We hope this helps you solve this stinky issue!


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