How to Flatten Glass Bottles at Home in the Oven

Learn how to flatten glass bottles at home in the oven to make use of old glass bottles to create fun and interesting decor items in and around your home!

Recycling is important for the environment and flattening glass bottles is a creative solution for reusing those bottles in your house. A bottle that was too beautiful to toss, once flattened can be used for decorating and for creating stunning art elements around the house. Learn a simple trick to flatten your glass bottles at home with the oven in this article.

How to Flatten Glass Bottles at Home in the Oven

While usually a kiln is used for flattening glass bottles, here’s a step-by-step approach on how to flatten glass bottles at home in the oven:

  1. Keep the toaster oven-ready, making sure none of its sides is touching anything else.
  2. In an oven tray, sprinkle some salt and place the bottle in the tray. Salt will restrict the movement of the bottle in the tray. If you still have the label on, keep the bottle with the label facing up.
  3. Place it in an oven and set the temperature to 200 degrees. Wait for two hours.
  4. Now, without moving the bottle, increase the oven’s temperature to as high it can go without setting it to broil. Let it heat for about 15 hours.
  5. The bottle should now be completely flat. Lower the temperature to 200 degrees and wait for another 15 hours.
  6. Now switch off the oven and let the bottle sit inside it for 5 hours. This will let it cool and settle.
  7. Take it out, and your flattened glass bottle is ready for display.  

Since this process involves high heating, please be careful while doing so and keep an eye on the oven for any flags. This is a fairly long procedure of waiting, but the repurposed glass bottles bring a distinctive look to your kitchen and house.

Things to do with Flattened Glass Bottles

1. Card

Decorate the bottle as a card for invitations or as a special gift for someone. You can give these bottle cards to your close and loved ones. However, you may also use it as a placeholder for your next big dine-in party!

2. Clock

You can convert the glass bottle into a bewitching clock. The minimalist design creates an alluring charm in the room. A glass bottle clock will bring you some commendable praises without having to spend much money. Check out the video above to DIY a flattened glass bottle clock for your home decor project!

3. Cheeseboards/Trays

Create a unique conversation topic for the next party by repurposing the flat glass bottle as a cheese tray. Do not let it flatten completely when following the above steps to use it as a board or a tray.

4. Wall art

Revamp the glass bottles with customized decorations or hang them as it is. You can create modern wall art at home using flattened glass bottles.

These were some of the most basic DIY decor ideas that one can try with flattened glass bottles, however, now that you know how to flatten glass bottles at home in the oven; you can innovate and give rise to new and unique DIY ideas of your own!


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